Hosting A Scrapbooking Party

Hosting a scrapbooking party is a lot of fun. Grab some friends, your photos, an album and a few basic supplies and you'll be scrapping in no time!

Hosting a scrapbooking party can be a fun option for a girls' get-together. Clear off the dining room table, grab those countless envelopes of pictures you haven't looked at in ages and some simple supplies, and you're ready to go!

What exactly is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is exactly what it sounds like--putting scraps such as photos, ticket stubs, invitations, announcements, etc. decoratively onto a blank page of a book. It's up to you how you want to arrange it, whether each page is a separate theme or event, or if a whole book is dedicated to a given year. There are no rules!

Why have a scrapbooking party?

Because scrapping is a time-consuming project, it's much more fun to embark on this with a group. It's nice to have other people's opinions on how to arrange materials and it's great to be able to share resources. If everyone is responsible for bringing one thing, then you don't have to buy everything yourself. This will also give you good reason to make this a regular event.

What do I need to host a scrapbooking party?

First off, you need some space. A good-sized dining room table will suffice for a crowd, or a smaller table with end tables, or TV tables alongside so that everyone's got plenty of room. Each person should bring their own pictures and memorabilia as well as an album to assemble their pages. A number of different albums are available at craft stores. You'll also need a few supplies which you can ask people to bring along:

sharp scissors

mini paper trimmer

sticky mount for sticking items on to pages

pens for writing captions

stickers for decorating

acid-free colored paper for matting photos, cutting shapes, etc.

bags or bins for trash

How does one start out assembling a scrapbook?

Again, there are no rules! It's a good idea to begin thinking how you want to arrange your book. Some people like to make one book for one child. Others simply create a page depending on what photos they have on hand and feel like working with. Look at your photos objectively and plan how you'd like to arrange them--thematically, chronologically, spontaneously.... it's up to you!

What next?

Once you've selected the pictures you'd want to include on you page, see if you have any accompanying memorabilia to go along with it. If you have pictures from a friend's wedding, it might be nice to include the invitation. Or if you're creating a page on your last vacation, plane tickets, hotel and meal receipts add a nice touch. Or, if you don't want to bother with anything other than the photos, that's fine too! Don't be afraid to cut up the pictures, crop out portions, etc. As long as you have the negatives, you can always get another photo. Matting photos onto colored paper before sticking them in the page adds a nice finished look. Choosing different colors, shapes, and sizes of photos will really make your page interesting, eye-catching, and fun to look at. Labeling the page with dates will create a nice story, as well as a permanent documentation of the event. Since you can find stickers to correspond with just about any theme, these are a nice addition. A page about the annual cookout would look cute with some fun BBQ stickers and picnic baskets. Take your time. The better you feel about a page you've created, the more you'll want to show it off!

How long should I expect the scrapbook party to last?

If this is a first-time event for most guests, don't plan on them going more than a few hours. It can become an overwhelming project awfully quick if you're trying to organize the last few decades of your life! Aim to complete a few pages. Don't push it so that you're sick of it. It should be a fun project, not a chore! If you establish a group that's into the scrapping thing, try getting together on a regular basis. Every few months is a good target, as that gives everyone a little time to accumulate more photos, collect new supplies, etc. Die-hards are known to have scrapbooking marathons once they get going!

What else?

Again, keep it fun. Having a camera available to document scrapbooking is an appropriate activity (but then you might have to fight over who gets to use the picture the next time!) Have snacks on hand, but nothing too messy, as it's easy to ruin work with spilled food! Think about having some prizes to keep people motivated. Award small prizes such as stickers and die-cuts to the scrapper who completes the most pages, or vote on who creates the best pages. Bottom line of scrapbooking--be creative!

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