Hot Tub Buyers Guide: The Features Of A Perfect Hot Tub

You've dreamed of owning a hot tub for years and, finally, it's time to shop. Read on for some tips.

Owning a hot tub is truly one of life's greatest pleasures. There is nothing like a long, hot soak after a hard day's work. You have long envisioned yourself being massaged by the jets and lying back, looking at the stars, enjoying the moment. But, buying a hot tub is not as simple a matter as it may seem, and there are a number of features that can make a big difference in performance and ultimate satisfaction.

A hot tub is a fairly straightforward device. The unit consists of a pump, heater, filters, jet outlets and the tub itself. A hot tub can be either a stand-alone unit or one built into a deck or pool. A stand-alone unit should have a sturdy, wood frame and either a ladder or steps to allow entry.

The first consideration is size - how many people will be using the hot tub on average. You will want to make sure that the tub is big enough to accommodate the number of people who will be using it as well, as to take into consideration any guests that you may be inviting. Size is also important if you are tall or plan on sprawling in the tub! Better to go a little bigger than too small.

Pay attention to the seats, or lounges. Are they going to be comfortable for you? Never buy a tub without trying it out first, at least in a dry state! Try the different seating positions and make sure that you are going to be happy with them. Make sure a six-seater really will seat six.

You should also consider the jets and their inherent action. Look for a tub that will enable you to set the pulse rate and intensity of the jets, giving you a custom massage experience. Jets should be located in different areas of the tub, as well - both high and low. Make sure there are jets for your feet and legs as well as you neck and shoulders. You will want to be able to massage specific areas of the body. Jets should also be quiet, and the controls easily accessible from the tub. Make sure that you are allowed a demonstration of a tub similar to the one that you are considering in order to check the jet action.

Another consideration is the filtration system. You should look for one that offers continuous filtration, thus keeping the water clean all the time. These systems should also be automated so that you will not have to program it yourself. The filters should also be easily accessible and the controls simple to adjust.

Here are some features that make a hot tub truly luxurious:

- Multi-colored lighting (great for romance and setting the mood!). Also check that the light fixtures are large enough to illuminate through the water from the bottom of the tub.

- Music: The stereo system should be part of the OEM package and designed to withstand the effects of water and weather. Speakers should be recessed, but controls must be easy to access. The user should have the ability to control the direction of the music as well as the "fade" and balance. There are some systems on the market that will correlate the vibration of the music with the jet action.

- Special Jets: Look for "Tsunami" jets, which force water up in the middle of the tub

- Waterfall: A "waterfall" will provide both serenity and a great massage for the shoulders and neck.

- Cover: Every hot tub must have a cover to keep it clean, and prevent the clutter of leaves and other debris. But a great hot tub will have a solid, easy to remove cover that fits tightly. There are some tubs available with retractable covers. This is a true luxury!

- Seating: Look for seating with built-in back support. This is particularly important for people with back problems.

- Remote Control Operation: Think how nice this would be in the winter. Start up the tub and get the water hot from the comfort of your home and then step into the warmth without delay!

- Insulation: Check to make sure the hot tub is insulated and energy efficient. In an insulated tub, the water stays hotter, longer, thus working the heater less. This will save you money in operating costs.

A hot tub is a substantial investment and a bit of research now will pay off in the long run. Your goal, after all, is years of problem-free enjoyment.

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