House Cleaning Tips

House cleaning tips: It helps to have order in your method of cleaning, as you will be doing this daily and weekly so why not make it easier. Take it step by step.

If you will have a master plan for cleaning your home you will have more time for yourself, time for rest periods and time to enjoy your life much more. Make yourself a daily plan as I have shown below, just substitute tasks and plans that fitinto your life and your schedule. Sure hope my

thinking helps you.

6:45-7:00- Dress and get the children up

7:00-7:30- Prepare breakfast

7:30-8:00- Serve breakfast

8:00-8:30- Get the children completely dressed, older ones off to school, husband off to work, then start tidying bedrooms. You can even start your work on the bedrooms while helping the children pick out clothes, etc. and get ready for school, such as make a bed while waiting for a child to put on socks and shoes, pick up any clutter around the room while waiting for them to dress, etc. In other words, just stay busy eliminating taskes that you would do later in the day.

8:30-8:45- Finish bedrooms. Take laundry to hamper. Tidy bathroom.

8:45-9:45- Wash dishes, straighten kitchen, start

lunch preparation if necessary, straighten living room.

9:45-ll:15- Special, daily or weekly tasks.

ll:l5-ll:45- Rest or go outside and take a walk

with a younger child.

ll:45-12:l5- Prepare lunch.

12:l5-12:45- Serve lunch. Get the older children

started on their way back to school (this is for

children living close enough to come home for lunch).

12:45-l:30- Put youngest child to bed for rest, clean up kitchen, start dinner preparation

l:30-2:00- Rest, watch tv, just lay down and relax

2:00-5:00- Finish daily or weekly tasks.

5:00-6:00- Prepare dinner.

6:00-6:45- Serve dinner.

6:45-7:30- Wash dishes, straighten kitchen, set table for breakfast

7:30-8:30- Activities with children

8:30-9:00- Help children prepare clothing for next day, and get them ready for bed.

9:00- Watch television, read, and rest till bedtime.

You can see that a schedule like this does not mention every move you will make during the day. It charts the day, grouping the fixed jobs together so as to leave time for rest periods, recreation and special tasks. It shows where you can save time by making the clean up of one job a part of the get ready for the next. Of course this varies from day to day. Get out a set of notecards and jot down these jobs and the tasks involved in cleaning and taking care of each room and check them off till you remember them. Life

will be much easier. I can assure you.

On the note cards make one for each room, write down each task you do daily and each one you do weekly and you will be surprised how much help these cards will be to you and you will also be amazed at how very much you accomplish and how much more time you have for yourself.

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