Household Cleaning: How To Make A Bed Fast And Efficiently

Looking for a quick and easy way to make your bed each day? Follow these guidelines for a neat and tidy effect.

Anyone can make a bed, right? Not according to military drill sergeants. After inspecting the soldiers' quarters each morning, several enlistees will find themselves cleaning the latrine because their beds were not made neatly or correctly.

So how should a bed be made? While there is no special formula that everyone should follow, you may benefit from a few helpful hints like these:

1. Use sheets that fit your mattress size. Trying to tuck a queen size sheet around a full size mattress will leave loose ends hanging out. Ultimately the sheet will come untucked during use, resulting in an annoyed non-sleeper attempting to tuck in the overlapping corners. Conversely, attempting to stuff a full size mattress into a twin size sheet will simply wear out the bed-maker. Choose a fitted sheet with a matching top sheet if possible.

2. Select bedspreads and blankets that fit the bed properly. Those that are too large may drag on the floor and cause you to stumble, or they may result in a "cover fight" if two people sharing the bed struggle for the small size covering. The overall effect will look sloppy or careless if wrong sized bedding is used.

3. Upon arising with the intent of making the bed for the day, shake out the loose covers. This will freshen them a bit and remove any fuzz or dust that has settled overnight. Pushing covers toward the foot of the bed, tuck in the bottom part of the sheets. Then straighten the bottom sheet to remove wrinkles, reapplying loosened corners of fitted sheets or tucking the flaps of flat sheets after ensuring they are even on both sides. Then stretch out the top sheet over its mate, pulling each side for a smooth look.

4. Adjust blankets on top of the sheets, tucking

them in at the bottom first. Smooth away any wrinkles or indentations. Fluff the pillows before replacing them on top of the blankets, side by side, neatly and evenly.

5. Cover the entire bed and pillows with the spread. Tuck it under the pillows if desired or smooth it over the top of both pillows. Adjust it so the sides hang evenly and the foot does not drag on the floor or come up too high. If your mattress has a skirt, adjust the pleats so they hang neatly.

6. Adjust throw pillows or stuffed animals on the pillow mound or the center of the bed, as preferred. Don't use too many if you plan to take them off and replace them each morning, as this can become tiresome and unnecessary work.

Remember to wash bedding at least weekly to keep it fresh and fragrant. Some bedspreads may need to be dry-cleaned. If yours does, air it out at home afterward to let drying cleaning chemicals evaporate before putting it back on the bed. Read laundering instructions for the pillows.

A comfortable bed is important since many of us spend one-third of our lives there. Make sure yours is welcoming and comfortable.

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