Household Cleaning Safety

When undertaking a major household cleaning chore, be sure to take adequate precautions to ensure your safety and well being.

Even with simple household cleaning chores, you have to be careful not to get hurt. From falling off a chair to cutting yourself on a tool, prevention is the first step toward safety. But if something should happen, first aid becomes important. Try to make sure you have a first aid kit at home before you start cleaning. It should be centrally located in an accessible area and contain bandages and medicine that will prevent infection if you cut yourself. Make sure you know what is in a bottle of medicine before using it. Read the directions first, and then follow them.

Remember to wear the right kind of shoes if you are climbing or you have to go outside. If you are working on your home's electric, wear rubber soles. And if you are climbing up high on a chair or ladder, don't wear sandals, since a strap or string might get caught on a step and cause you to trip.

Don't let children play near cleaning products or leave sharp or dangerous tools out, because the kids might start playing with them. Keep children off of ladders and scaffolding. Teach children how to behave when around these things, and eventually, how to use tools and clean things the proper way.

Maintain a neat working environment. Pick up clutter that doesn't belong on the floor and put it away. If a floor is still wet from mopping or waxing, stay off until the floor is dry. Always have plenty of light when you are working, so change any bulb that is burned out.

When you are lifting, look for the easiest way to move an object. Use a dolly or a cart when you can. See if you can slide it without damaging the piece. Ask for help if there is another person close by. Lift with your knees, not your back.

When you store things, stack them neatly so that when you open the door, nothing falls out. Put labels on the outside of boxes so you don't have to go though every container you have looking for something. You should never leave anything on the stairs, because if someone doesn't pay attention and trips over a box of clothes, they could be seriously hurt.

Be very careful when working around electricity. If you are wet cleaning and water somehow gets on a wire that is bare, you could get electrocuted. Watch for shorts if you are using many different extension cords in the same outlet, since you can throw a breaker. Make sure you wear gloves, safety glasses, and proper clothes to protect your skin. When you are vacuuming and your vacuum sounds funny or stops picking up, don't reach under it to see if something has it clogged without unplugging it first. When working with acid or chemicals that can damage your eyes, protect your body with a mask or proper covering.

Never set paint or anything that is flammable near the furnace or stove. Throw away all your dirty rags when you are done using them because they are a fire hazard in the same way that old newspapers can be. Wear a dust mask when working with chemicals or paints. Try to open windows or set up fans to circulate the air, and make sure your children are not breathing any toxic fumes.

Simple safety precautions like these can help to reduce the risk of injury. If you are unsure about how to use a piece of equipment or complete a cleaning task, look it up on the Internet or call an expert for advice. A few minutes spent getting helping information at first can prevent years of regret later.

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