How To Household Items For Safety During Earthquakes

How to store your dishes, books, and knick-knacks to protect them from damage in case of an earthquake.

Keeping your everyday items safe from the tremors earthquakes can bring can be almost impossible. But, there are a few things you can do to keep your valuables, dishes, books and knickknacks as safe as possible from this natural disaster.

First of all, you are going to need to store your valuable items out of sight and safely tucked away somewhere that not even the largest of earthquakes could affect them. The way to go about doing this is to wrap them in bubble wrap, towels or other items that can protect them from hitting up against things and breaking. After you have wrapped your valuables tightly and secured them, you will want to place them in a tight container of some sort that cannot be opened without unlatching it or using a key. Then, place the box in an area that does not allow it to be tossed about easily or that won't have any items fall on it in case of an earthquake. This is about as safe as your valuables are going to get from tremors.

Storing cups during an earthquake is pretty hard to do. You will rarely ever be warned that an earthquake is coming, so all your dishes in your cupboards are going to be affected if it's strong enough. You can make sure that all your cupboards have a latch that you keep closed at all times though. This will prevent your glasses and plates from flying out when the earthquake hits. This can also help protect you and your family from the harm of broken glass. Also make sure that your cupboards do not have glass on them. If they do and even if they are latched, the items can come flying out through the glass cupboard. So, choose a sturdy material like wood to keep everyone safe from flying cups and plates.

If you have knickknacks that you love stored in a curio closet, you are going to have some trouble keeping them safe, especially if they are made ceramic or glass. You need to secure the cabinet to the wall, so no matter how severe of an earthquake is going on, it will not fall over. If it were to fall over, all your knickknacks would break, so it's worth the time and effort put forth to make sure the cabinet is attached to the wall sturdily. You can also choose a cabinet that does not have glass doors or windows on it. Glass just does not hold up in an earthquake and can pose a threat to you, not only your valuables. When glass shatters in an earthquake, it goes everywhere and you could end up stepping on it or falling on it. So, try to choose most of your items with this in mind. Any kind of overhead cabinets or closets need to have secure latch that keeps the items inside in case of an earthquake. Not only will this help keep your items safe, but it will keep them from falling on you.

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