Household Projects: Creating A Personalized Video Album

Create a personalized vhs photo book. Forget clumsy photo albums and faded pictures. Now you can transfer your pictures to tape and have a digital photo album.

With technology advancing everyday, we must constantly change our own habits and traditions to keep up. Cameras and pictures are no exception. Currently you can do just about anything with a picture. You can cut and paste pictures together to create a situation that actually never occurred. You can send a picture around the world via the Internet with only a couple of commands. You can store your pictures online. You can get your pictures stored in a computer disc. With all this advancement, what is to become of the family photo album?

With very minimal equipment, you can easily make a VHS photo album using a digital camera. For example, you are taking pictures at your family reunion, using your digital camera. There are no negatives. Your only resource of saving the pictures is downloading them to the computer. What about family members that don't have a computer? They won't be able to take a copy of the pictures to enjoy later...or will they?

Once your have downloaded the pictures to your computer, do not delete them. A few simple steps will ensure a photo album that nearly everyone can enjoy. Insert a blank VHS tape into your VCR. Using the cables for video input, connect the digital camera to the VCR. You do not have to use the audio input because there will not be any audio coming out of the digital camera. Turn your camera on to "play" or "review". Be sure the TV and VCR are both on and turn to the appropriate channel to receive video input. You will be able to see the pictures on the TV screen, but depending on your digital camera, you might not be able to view them on the digital display screen of the camera. Review your pictures to make sure you want to use all of them in the VHS photo album. Turn OFF the "display" feature on your camera to prevent picture numbers or other unwanted data from being transferred to the photo album.

Push "record" on the VCR. Wait approximately 7 seconds and then push the arrow up or down on the camera to display the next picture. Wait 4 or 5 seconds and go to the next picture. Continue to scan through the pictures waiting 4 or 5 seconds for each one to be on the display screen. When you reach the last picture, let it record for an additional 2 or 3 seconds. This will allow you to review the pictures and reset the tape to prepare to load the next set of pictures without cutting the last picture short or leaving static or "dead air" between this picture and the next. Push the stop button to stop recording.

Now you can unhook your digital camera. If for some reason you did not download the pictures to the computer first, don't forget to do this before deleting the pictures. Delete the pictures and go take some more. Once you get everything set up and get used to transferring the pictures to the VHS photo album it will only take approximately 2 minutes to transfer 20 pictures. You can easily slip out of a family reunion or even a birthday party to load the pictures and return to the event to take some more.

Once the event is over, you instantly have a VHS photo album that you can make copies of to share with others. It makes for a wonderful keepsake to a family reunion, wedding, birthday party, graduation, nearly any event that you would take pictures of. You can sit everyone around the TV and enjoy a recap of those special moments.

You can make a "lifetime" photo album by taking pictures of older photographs using your digital camera and transferring them to the VHS tape the same way. This makes a great addition to any VHS photo album, no matter what the even is. No more fumbling with clumbsy photo album and fading pictures. You can create a whole photo library on VHS.

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