Household Rummage Sale

Household rummage sales can be a great way to make cash to fill up the empty space you have just cleared for your sale. Read and find out more.

Garage sales can be a quick and easy way to clean out your unwanted items and make some extra spending cash. What consitutes a "successful sale"? One where you sell as many things as possible! There are several factors that can help you increase your traffic and sell more items.


1-2 monthes before your yard sale is scheduled, be on the lookout for items in your home that you do not often use. Find a corner closet, garage or attic space that can be used to place items you have started gathering for your yard sale. If you are unsure of adding a household item to your garage sale stash, add it anyway and see if you miss it in the coming weeks.

Encourage your children to go through their toybox. After you explain that the money they make from their used toys can be theirs to keep, they will be excited to declutter their rooms.


Consider joining other families in your neighborhood in a joint sales effort. This can help cut down on your advertising expenses and add more variety to your sales items.

To keep track of which families items have sold, color code your items with round colored stickers. Available in pages with 3 or more colors you can assign one color per family. These stickers will do double duty as your price-tags and the bright neon colors are easy for customers to find.

If you have a lot of items it is a good idea to hold a two day sale. Holiday weekends can be a good time to sell as well. Make a signup sheet where your participating neighbors can schedule time to work at the cashbox. 3 hour time slots can keep it fun and avoid burnout. Schedule more people for the early morning hours when the early birds and regular yard sale customers tend to come.


There is often a section of local papers that is free but even placing paid ad's in the classified area that lists garage sales can be a good investment. For best results list a few items that will show buyers the variety of items you have to offer.

Make large signs that clearly mark the way to your home. Use wide black marker, using arrows with very little words to clutter up the sign. It is a good idea to laminate your sign or put wide clear tape over your letters in case rain, sprinklers or other water makes the marker run. Make all of your signs the same color. Drivers will be looking for their next directional sign to be consistent with the previous one they followed. Put your last sign on top of your parked car for the best visability.


Make your set up as attractive as possible. Keep in mind that your visitors will need a traffic pattern for getting through tables and your larger sales equipment. Use trees to tie a steardy clothes line right below eye level for hanging clothing. Make sure clothing is clean and neat to get the highest prices.

Have batteries, light bulbs and an electrical outlet available for customers to use in testing out products prior to purchase.

Group items that are similar in nature. Childrens toys seperated from small appliances.


Take the time to visit other yard sales in your area, look in the newspaper classifieds or go to local thrift shops to get an idea of how much to sell your used books, cd's and other household items for. Generally you would charge approximately one-third the retail price if your items are in good shape. If you think you have collectables or antiques check out books in the library or look on the internet to make sure you are asking a fair price.

Have a "freebee Box" for items that you know you won't sell. It will save you the trip to the junk yard later and can help your customers feel like they are getting an extra good deal.


This is a good time to let the kids set up a lemonaid stand or have a bake sale. This can really increase the amount of money you make at your yardsale and can be a good learning experience for the kids!

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