Household Tips: Double-Sided Tape

Double sided tape can be used for a variety of things, from crafts to wall hangings. Range of sizes, thicknesses, strengths.

It's the next best thing to Velcro; double-sided tape can be used in a variety of ways. There are different types of double-sided tape with varying thicknesses and strengths. Scotch makes a variety of double-sided tape, ranging from thin tape used for paper crafts, and stronger adhesives able to support small frames or posters on walls. Xryon double sided is the heavy duty version of Scotch. Its adhesive strength is much greater, and can be used to mount heavy paintings, clocks, and other wall-hangings.

Double-sided tape, depending on its strength, can be used for a number of activities. The first is craft-making. Paper-Mache, origami, paper airplane construction, and general paper crafts can benefit from double-sided tape. Using double-sided tape eliminates the unsightly presence of tape on a craft. For this reason people use this particular variety of tape for invitations, wedding cards, and for other festive crafts. Using double-sided tape to seal an envelope is popular too, as it is with scrap booking projects.

More heavy-duty double-sided tape may be used for other types of crafts, including sewing, woodworking, and painting. Instead of cross-stitching a pillowcase shut, try using double-sided glue. If you want to connect two fabrics together without dusting off the sewing machine in the attic you may try fabric-happy double-sided tape. This will save you time and aggravation, and will do a great job of holding the fabric together. Latch-hook and needle-point projects can become more efficient with the use of double-sided tape to mount the binding. Once you are done with your project and want to place it on the wall you may use the tape again.

Paintings and photographs can be mounted with just a few pieces of double-sided tape as well. Some large paintings can be almost entirely mounted with double-sided tape, assuming there is sufficient support supplied by a nail or a screw. Never rely solely on double-sided tape for heavy items, instead, always supplement the tape with another source of support to be safe. Other items can be mounted with double-sided tape. Clocks, mirrors, signs, even items like spice racks and coat-hooks can be mounted with double-sided tape. If you rent an apartment or if you do not want to put holes in your walls, double-sided tape may be your solution.

You can use double-sided tape in some carpentry ventures as well. Rugs can be secured into the ground with staples; however your use of staples can be decreased by supplementing your project with double-sided tape. This can be particularly useful in areas where a staple gun cannot reach. Woodworking can benefit from the use of the tape as well. While tape should not be the sole support for a project, small dowels and thin fragments can be staged to each other using double-sided tape. When a project is finished, however, the addition of nails or screws is recommended.

Home repair jobs can be simplified with the use of this tape as well. A fixture that keeps falling down can be mounted with the tape, just as a broken piece of a door frame can be supported with this wonderful adhesive, at least, until it is properly fixed. Lastly, since some varieties of double-sided tape can stick to the flesh, it has been used in a number of interesting ways. One website instructed women to use the material in conjunction with foam padding to enhance their bosoms, while another suggested it a means to heighten shoulders. Whatever you want to use it for, chances are double-sided can do the job, or at least, help with it.

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