Household Tips: Tips For Soundproofing

Tips you can use to soundproof your home.

Noise reduction is a large part of making a home more comfortable. You will want to keep outside noises in, and inside noises out. When you soundproofing, remember that you are insulating your home as well, for better temperature control. Therefore, you can use these same tips insulate your room. Following, are some ideas you can use to soundproof your home.

Absorb sound: Have you ever noticed that an empty room creates an echo effect? Sound waves can bounce off hard surfaces in a room just as well as they can bounce off a mountain. To dampen the echo effect in your home you will want to absorb sounds. Buy large upholstered items, carpets, and window coverings for your home, and you will find your room will not carry sound as well.

Keep it out: If noise is coming from outside of your room or home, you may feel that you have no control over eliminating it. You can eliminate outside noise however, in several ways. Outside of purchasing new soundproof windows or expensive window liners, you can try these other less expensive options. You can put one heavy drape or multiple layers of window treatments at your windows to dampen noise. You can also soundproof your walls by hanging heavy tapestries on the wall. For maximum effectiveness, hang an area rug instead of a tapestry. Another option is to hang window treatments around the entire room covering both the walls and windows. This will dampen noise tremendously.

Keeping noise in: For someone installing movie theatres, large entertainment systems, or band equipment rooms in the home, you must take special care in keeping noise in the room.

If your room is under construction, then it makes sense to soundproof the room by putting insulation and acoustic foam in between the studs under the drywall. You can also put an acoustical barrier beneath the carpet in your room if you wish. For the ceiling, you can install acoustical tiles.

If you need to soundproof an entertainment room after it has been built, you still have a few options. You can purchase special soundproofing material for the walls that resembles carpet. Likewise, you can just have carpet installed on the walls. If you want a more attractive and tailored look, you can install fabric panels* on the wall. Such a room should be on the bottom floor, for maximum sound containment. To soundproof a drywall ceiling, you can add special sound proofing foam to the ceiling, panel it with fabric, or place a carpet on the floor in the room above.

*How to make inexpensive fabric panels to insulate your room:

1. Purchase sheets of foam core insulation.

2. Cut fabric panels to fit the foam core insulation. Leave enough room on the fabric to wrap the fabric around the sides at least an inch.

3. Secure the fabric to the insulation using spray adhesive.

4. Attach the panels to the wall. You can use a construction adhesive, or a removable adhesive like Velcro strips. Using a removable adhesive allows you to change the fabric or remove the insulation later.

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