Household Uses For Oranges

Oranges are not only delicious but they can be used for many things around the house.

The orange has long been one of nature's perfect foods. The tough peel keeps the orange fresh for long periods of time and oranges are loaded with vitamin C. Oranges aren't just for eating anymore. Recently the cleaning product industry has provided an explosion of orange products including furniture polish, degreasers, and orange scented glass cleaners. The versatile orange can also be used for many different things around the house.

We usually throw away the peels from our oranges but they can be put to better use. Orange peels can be boiled in a saucepan on the stove with a few cloves and will fill your home with a delightful scent. If you place a piece of orange peel in your bag of brown sugar the sugar will stay soft. Dried orange peels can be used in potpourri, homemade bath oils in decorative bottles, and decorations in dried flower arrangements.

You can make delicious homemade oil for use on salads that can be given as gifts or kept for your own kitchen. Just place bits of orange peel and dried cranberries into a decorative bottle and fill the remainder with extra virgin olive oil. Close the bottle with a cork and tie bows of raffia at the top of the bottle. After several weeks the orange peels and cranberries will impart a wonderful flavor to the oil.

Orange peels can be used to keep cats from eating your houseplants. Take an orange peel and rub down the leaves of your houseplants at least once a month. Put orange peels on the surface of the soil in your potted plants as well. Cats dislike the smell of citrus and they will leave your plants alone.

Oranges can be used to safely clean marble surfaces. Cut an orange in half and dip it lightly into a dish of salt. Scrub the surface of the marble with the salted orange. Rinse the marble thoroughly with water and dry.

A few oranges will clean and freshen your garbage disposal. Just cut a few oranges into quarters and run them through the disposal and it will smell great.

An orange can make a great sachet that will keep moths away from your clothes. These orange balls or pomanders have been used since colonial days to freshen and deodorize rooms and closets. Take a whole orange and poke whole clove pieces evenly onto the surface. Place your orange ball in a netted bag such as the bags that oranges come in and hang it from a hook in your closet. Hanging orange balls in your cellar will help keep the musty smell away.

You can make your own hairspray with just one orange. Chop a peeled or unpeeled orange into two inch pieces and place them into a saucepan. Cover the orange pieces with two cups of water and boil until the mixture is reduced in half. Strain the orange pieces from the mixture and allow it to cool. Pour your hair spray into a plastic spray bottle and store it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

An orange can keep flies away from your garbage or picnic. Just rub the surface of the skin from an orange with a cheese grater and place the orange in the area you want to keep flies away from. The scent of the orange will repel the flies.

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