Housework For Kids

Cleaning house with children can be fun; read how this can be possible.

Housework, children, fun? Do these words belong in the same sentence? Sure but you need to add some creativity to the jobs so they don't seem so tedious!

First we need to discuss how to assign the jobs. There are several commercially available job charts you could use. You could also use a large write-on/wipe-off magnetic fridge calendar to keep track of assignments on a daily basis.

If using a job chart that rotates responsibilities is not doing the trick, you may want to try baking the assignments into cupcakes, muffins or cookies. For best results write the tasks on small slips of paper, then fold the papers inside of tin foil squares so the writing on the papers won't fade when the wet batter touches them. Kids will be eager to do the next job to get seconds on a treat!

Sometimes kids can feel coerced into completing a chore that the parents picked. Kids can feel more in control if they are given several choices to pick their own house-work from. Be careful not to make jobs to gender specific. Girls like to work outside in the yard too and boys need to learn how to clean inside as well.

Another idea would be to list the chores for upcoming the day the night before. The first child out of bed and dressed gets to pick the easiest chore!

If your child cannot read yet here is a job list idea. My kids like me to write their chore list using pictures and codes. It's a fun game for them to decipher the pictures and guess what the job might be.

If dusting is a chore your children don't like, substitute the old dust rag for a feather duster. What kid can resist feathers! Another fun idea: try hiding individually wrapped candy in the nooks and crannies of the furniture! It's a great way to make sure that the picture frames get moved from the mantel! Be sure and count the number of candies you hide so that the kids can report to you that they found them all and have finished their job.

Adding music to the background can help to cover up the whining and complaining but can also add some spunk and pep to the atmosphere. Remember to choose upbeat tunes or chores could drag slowly to the beat or lack thereof.

Children also enjoy anything that involves squirting water! I don't like the kids to waste the entire bottle of window cleaner at once but I find that when I water down the solution it's not as toxic for the kids or my cleaning budget!

If you find it necessary to inspect their job to make sure it is finished correctly but get tired of always being the tuff task master, let the kids swap inspecting each others jobs. I was surprised how tough they can be on each other and pay more attention to their own work when they know it will be looked at by a sibling.

Even adults can accomplish unpleasant tasks better if they have something fun to look forward to. Plan a fun outing when the work is done or even just an ice-cream break to temporarily escape a big cleaning project can be time well spent when you return with new enthusiasm and energy.

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