A Housework Schedule

Get help creating a housework schedule that will save time and keep eveything clean.

In order to make your housework flow smoothly and to budget your time you will need to make an overall plan of your daily and weekly activites and schedule your homemaking tasks. Perhaps this information will be of help to you, I certainly do hope so.

First of all, lets sit down and write down every task that needs to be done daily. This should include cooking, serving meals, washing dishes, picking up clutter in the home, making beds, laundry, etc. There are a number of tasks that do require to be done daily such as the ones

listed in order to just keep the home running smoothly. Go thru each room and bring that tablet and pen and let's write down the daily tasks. For instance, we'll take the kitchen, where the most work daily will be done. The dishes will need to be washed, dried and put away daily, meals

will be prepared and served, the counter tops should be cleaned after each meal or whenever anyone leaves a dish laying on the counter. That dish will need to be picked up, the counter wiped if necessary and the dish put in a dishpan of soapy water before washing.

Take each room, go through it and decide each chore that needs to be done, now divide these chores into daily and weekly on separate lists. This will take awhile and also there will be trial and error in getting a proper schedule adjusted.

For those weekly chores, you should plan to clean each room thoroughly, all laundry should be washed, dried, folded and put away, ironing should be done, meals should be planned, etc.

If you will try my plan, I do know from my own experience that your life will run much smoother, your home will be cleaner and your family will be happier as you will be also. Try it, this works.

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