Why Are HP Printer Cartridges Good?

By Sabah Karimi

  • Overview

    Hewlett Packard (HP) makes over a dozen inkjet, laserjet and PhotoSmart printers that each require a specific type of ink cartridge. HP printer cartridges are among the highest quality of brand-name cartridges on the market, and offer several benefits for owners of HP printers.
  • Function

    HP printer cartridges are available in dark black and vivid colors; they are designed solely for Hewlett Packard printers, and can produce crisp, professional-looking documents. The ink does not smear or fade easily, and can be used on both plain and colored paper. The level of ink in the HP printer cartridge is monitored with the HP printer program, so it's easy for the user to find out when ink levels may be low. HP printer software programs are also linked directly to an online office supply store for easy reordering of ink cartridges and other supplies.
  • Features

    HP printer cartridges are available in black or multicolor, and are compatible only with Hewlett Packard printers. HP ink cartridges are recyclable, and can be sent back to HP in a small prepaid envelope that is included with each cartridge. The ink is a high quality ink that is water- and fade-resistant on plain paper documents and also produces professional-looking results. The high quality ink allows users to create documents with sharp-looking, clearly defined text, and also create vividly colored pictures and photographs.

  • Benefits

    Hewlett Packard has tested the performance of brand-new HP inkjet print cartridges against refilled ink cartridges, and results show that the original cartridges produced 50 percent more pages than the refill brands. HP printer cartridges are easy to maintain and install, and can produce laser-printer quality results. Individuals or offices that typically print in black and white can use HP high-capacity inkjet cartridges for a higher yield and better performance; HP claims that these cartridges can print up to three times more than standard black ink cartridges.
  • Types

    Hewlett Packard offers printer cartridges in both single packs and combo packs. The most common types of HP printer cartridges are HP 45, HP 21, HP 57, HP 56, HP 75XL, HP 74XL, HP 78, HP 92/93 Combo, HP 38A, HP 92, HP 93, HP 94 and HP 15. Cartridges are also available for HP printers, such as the PhotoSmart series, DeskWriter series, Copyjet series, Color Laserjet series, Officejet series, Thinkjet series, Copier series, Fax series, DesignJet series and the Quietjet series, among others.
  • Considerations

    HP printer cartridges can only be used for printers in the HP printer series; however, a cartridge designed for the HP Color Laserjet may be compatible with the HP Thinkjet or other printers in the HP printer series, but requirements vary depending on the model of the printer. Both black and color inkjet cartridges are available for purchase from HP online, at office supply stores and from independent sellers who sell discounted or remanufactured HP printer cartridges. However, a refilled or discount printer ink cartridge may be a used one, and may not necessarily deliver the same quality of ink as a brand-new cartridge (see Resources below).
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