Hurricane Damage Worst Case Scenario

When dealing with the worst cases of hurricanes you need to be prepared. With the right insurance you can get back on your feet.

When dealing with a natural disaster such as a hurricane it is pretty much up to Mother Nature as to what kind of damages are sustained. It all depends on where your property is located when the hurricane comes through, and what type of category the hurricane is. These are big factors in determining what you can expect damage wise from a hurricane.

The closer you are to the coast the more at risk you are to sustain extensive damage from a hurricane if it comes on shore. About the only thing you can do if this is the case is to be well educated in what can happen and be prepared for the worse case scenario. Make sure that you have the right type of natural disaster insurance just in case your home is damaged or destroyed.

Usually in a category 3 or stronger it will be likely to result in property damage or destruction of homes, inland flooding, and in some cases deaths of people and even livestock. All you can really do is prepare your property and home the best you can. Mother Nature has no preference on how much your home is worth, or how much work and money you have put into it.

Hurricane damages result from different factors of the storm itself:

-Hurricanes bring a lot of rain, and if you have a stronger category hurricane it can rain 12 inches or more in just a few days. Most of the rainfall is inland, and it creates flooding. Not to mention the storm surge that comes on shore causes flooding when the hurricane hits.

-High winds that occur from hurricanes cause structure damage to your home and property. They also can blow trees over onto your house if the wind is strong enough. The high winds from the hurricane also form tornadoes which go in different directions which causes even more damage.

The extent of damage that comes from a hurricane depends on a couple of factors:

-One factor would be the type of category the hurricane is. With a higher category hurricane the more wind and rain that would be present resulting in coastal and inter-coastal flooding.

-If the hurricane hits on the right hand side of an area then the damage will be much worse than the damage caused from the left hand side of the storm.

The worst damages come from hurricanes with a category of 3-5. In a category 3 hurricane the winds will be about 111-130 mph, and there would be a storm surge of about 9-12 feet above what is normal. There would be damage structurally to houses, and mobile homes would likely be destroyed. Really bad flooding would be definite in coastal and inter-coastal areas.

A category 4 hurricane's wind would range between 130-154 mph, and the storm surge would be 13-18 feet above what it should be normally. There would be severe flooding on the coast, and the flooding would reach further inland. In a category 4 hurricane there would be roofs blown off and major structure damage done to wood houses.

When dealing with a category 5 hurricane about the only thing you can do is to get your insurance papers ready, because this is the worst case scenario when it comes to hurricanes. The winds from a category 5 hurricane can reach 155 mph and over which means very bad damage to almost all of the wooden homes and structures. The storm surge from this category hurricane would reach about 18 feet more than what is normal, and this means flooding that reaches miles inland.

Categories 3-5 hurricanes are the worst case scenario for your home and property if it hits your area, but with the right type of insurance, and being prepared will help you if you have to deal with this type of natural disaster.

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