Hurricane Shutter Prices

Hurricane shutters of any kind are an investment for your home. Here are a few common hurricane shutters and their prices.

When buying hurricane shutters the best type of shutters are the ones that the individual can afford and offers the best protection from a hurricane. For someone who is disabled or elderly the best option for them would be something that is easy to install, and has an automatic closure or an accordion style shutter. Plywood would be a good option for limited budgets. So it really depends on the situation of the person buying the shutters as to what can be bought with their money. Whichever way you go your windows will have protection from the hurricane force winds.

Here are a few types of popular hurricane shutters, and the prices you can expect to pay;

-Automatic shutters that roll down

These shutters are made of either PVC or metal which are louvered and pre-installed. Automatic roll down shutters cost between; $20-$30 a square foot. Roll down shutters can either be cranked by hand or by a remote control.

-Accordion shutters

This type of shutter is pre-installed and it stays on the windows all year around. Accordion shutters run in a price range between; $15-$25 a square foot. These types of shutters are considered one of the best kinds of shutters, and used a lot.

-Awning shutters

Awning shutters are also pre-installed, and they fold down when needed for protection from a hurricane or a bad storm. They run in price between; $15-$20 a square foot.

-Bahama Shutters

These types of shutters are similar to awning shutters in the way they function mechanically. Bahama shutters will cost about the same as the awning shutters which is between; $15-$20 a square foot.

-Storm Panel Shutters

Storm panel shutters are made of either steel or aluminum, and when they are not in use they are stored somewhere else. You can expect to pay anywhere between; $7-$15 a square foot for these shutters.


Plywood, believe it or not, is the most common used type of shutter because of its price. This type of shutter has to be self installed, and needs to be stored away when not in use. Plywood is the cheapest alternative when you are faced with preparing your home for a hurricane, and you do not have any shutters. Just make sure when purchasing your plywood that your sheets should be about 5/8 of an inch thick. Price for plywood would depend on what your nearest lumber store charges for their sheets of plywood.


Most of the time when you are faced with buying plywood it is wise to buy early because everyone will buy it all up. It will be hard to find if you wait to long. Some people buy plywood when it is not hurricane season.

Whichever type of hurricane shutters you purchase you need to remember to add in the hardware cost, and whether you are having them professionally installed you will need to add the cost of that too.

Whether your shutters are automatic or plywood this is an investment for your home. So even if you had to start small and work your way towards getting nice shutters installed for the whole house it will only improve the value of your home.

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