About Hybrid SUVs

By Paul Favors

  • Overview

    In this day and age, the depletion of energy sources is one of the most talked about issues. On top of that, pollution is constantly being produced by our traditional uses of energy, predominantly petroleum and coal. Electricity as an alternative fuel is one of the main breakthroughs of scientific quest in this modern era. However, more research has to be done to make sure the pros outweigh the cons and make alternative fuels more accessible to public use. With this in mind, hybrid SUV's have been developed for mainstream use and are constantly being improved to be more energy-efficient and less harmful to the environment.
  • Significance

    Hybrid vehicles are not your ordinary vehicle. They are distinct because they make use of two or more energy sources in order to move a car's engine. Hybrids usually combine the traditional combustion engine with an electric power source. This kind of configuration was once thought to only be feasible for small cars, but the popularity of Sport Utility Vehicles has changed that somewhat. Consequently, in recent years, more hybrid SUV's are being seen on the road. There are three general types of hybrids: mild, full and plug-in.
  • Mild Hybrids

    Mild hybrid vehicles use the electric power source as a support to the traditional internal combustion engine. It should be noted that in the mild type of hybrid vehicles, an electric power source will not be able to propel a car solely.

  • Full Hybrids

    Full hybrid vehicles can work independently as opposed to mild hybrids. A mere electric motor could propel a car but under limited conditions such as in the case of a very light load. In the event additional energy is needed, the internal combustion engine intervenes to support acceleration.
  • Plug-In Hybrids

    Plug-in hybrid vehicles mainly make use of the rechargeable battery system in order to move the car. Internal combustion engines serve as a back-up. The battery system in this type of hybrid can be recharged both by using charging capabilities, as in normal hybrids, and by plugging into standard household outlets.
  • Benefits

    One of the main reasons to choose hybrid SUVs over traditional ones is their ability to save fuel without compromising the features enjoyed by a traditional SUV driver. By going hybrid, you don't only save money, but you also take part in the world's call to action to save the environment for future generations. In addition, more and more automobile companies are putting forth their best efforts to develop quality features in hybrid vehicles which suit consumer needs. Thus, the latest hybrids developed are not as difficult to maintain as they were before. The latest hybrids produced by auto manufacturers have improved and developed specialized engines to further increase gas mileage.
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