Hypnotherapy And Children

Hypnotherapy and children. Hypnotherapy can't be used as a substitute for parenting in children with bad behavior, but it can treat PTSD and anxiety. Child hypnotherapy can be useful. One of the things that...

Child hypnotherapy can be useful. One of the things that I warn therapists about is the parent who comes in and says, "Fix my child so he'll behave." The real issue is not always the child; sometimes it could be bad parenting. Families are systems. If a child is misbehaving, the parents can also be part of the problem.

I think children can certainly be helped for things like post-traumatic stress. I know hundreds and hundreds of children who after 9/11 wouldn't go to school, because they were afraid their parents wouldn't be there when they got home. It's the same with the hurricane in New Orleans. Children were highly traumatized, so to help them with their anxiety and their post-traumatic stress, yes hypnotherapy can absolutely be very helpful.

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