Ideas For Bad Days When Homeschooling

Things you can do to make a bad day better when homeschooling.

Unbelievably, not all days are good days when homeschooling. There will be days when nothing you try will get the kids interested in learning. They may be sick, over tired or just plain testy. You as well, may be having "one of those days". Here are some creative things you can do to make the most of these "bad days".

Story Day: Declare the day to be "Story Day". Have the children dress comfortably, and lay on the floor while you read to them. Better yet, play a book on tape to save your voice. (Otherwise, story day will turn into nothing more than story hour.) Give the children paper and drawing materials and instruct them to draw scenes from the story while they are listening. You will be sure to have silence while they concentrate. Choose classic books for your children to listen to that you can discuss at later date or at the end of the day. Some books you can choose are Gulliver's Travels, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Huckleberry Fin, Little Women, or Little House on the Prairie.

Movie Marathon Day: If the children have been bugging you to watch TV all morning, give in! The police will not come to your door and drag you away if you watch a movie. Pick up movies like Veggie Tales and Barney for small children. Peter Pan, The sound of Music, or The King and I would appeal to elementary age children. For older children and teens, you can watch Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, or To Kill a Mockingbird. Have the children put their pajamas back on, and grab their favorite blanket. Pop some popcorn and enjoy a peaceful day together. If you do not feel that movies are an appropriate homeschool activity, you can watch the science or history channel all day. Maybe you can find a documentary on history, or dinosaurs that will satisfy your need to educate, while intriguing your children enough for them to sit still and watch.

Favorite subject day: If you child has a favorite subject, scrap all of the other subjects for the day. You can have a math marathon where the children would spend a couple of hours on math problems, and they you would point out the math in everything you do all day like baking, shopping, or even walking. End the day with math games. Dominoes, Smath (a math game resembling checkers), or Bingo would make for a fun way to spend and evening.

Field Trip: If all else fails, go on a field trip. Take an impromptu trip to the park and bring along your nature journals. Go to an Imax Movie about nature or animals. You can visit your local Science museum as well. It might even be fun to call a couple of your homeschooling friends and seeing if your children can get together to play in the park to run off some of their excess energy together. This would be sure to tire them out causing to them to get a good nights rest. Then you can start all over again tomorrow.

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