Ideas For Christmas Keepsakes

A wonderful tradition for you and your family to start is collecting a different Christmas keepsake each year.

Christmas is a magical time of the year that we spend with family and friends. We anxiously buy gifts for our loved ones, wrap them up and place them under the tree. Come Christmas morning, the entire family wakes up eager to open their gifts and excited to see if the gifts they bought for others are enjoyed. We attempt to capture these special moments in our own memories, remembering the smiles and the laughs of that morning. Why not start a tradition of Christmas keepsakes that will help you to reflect on past Christmases? This is a tradition that can be passed on from generation to generation for future Christmases to come.

* One very popular Christmas keepsake is the ornament. Each year a family will choose a special ornament that reflects on the past year leading to Christmas. For example, a family may choose to purchase a baby-oriented ornament if a new child was born or a college-themed ornament if one of the children went off to college for the first time. Store these ornaments securely in boxes with the year clearly marked (or, if possible, note the year on the ornament itself). Include a small letter in each ornament box that notes when and where the ornament was purchased and what it means to the family.

* Each year, have your family dress up (including any pets) and take a picture in front of the Christmas tree or mantle. You can be as formal or silly as you like, as long as you make the pictures memorable. You will be glad you documented your Christmas times as a family and will be able to look back on Christmases past with nostalgia. These keepsakes can also serve a dual purpose since each Christmas, you can put up these framed photos for wall decorations.

* While they may be silly little keepsakes, why not have each family member write out a letter to Santa, including the adults. In the letter, they can let Santa know what their hearts desire, in terms of gifts. They can also include what their feelings are about the current holiday season and reflect on the past year. These will be fun to look back on in years to come.

* If you already love to scrapbook, why not keep a scrapbook that is devoted entirely to your family's Christmases? You can put your Christmas family portrait in the scrapbook and journal your family's Christmas activities, as well. For added fun, take pictures of each family member as they open up their first gift of Christmas.

* Manger scenes are beautiful Christmas keepsakes. Almost every culture that has a Christian background has its own special version of the manger scene. Collect a different manger scene each year. You will find that they are made from all types of materials from ceramic to wood to stone. Each year, these manger scenes can serve as elegant decorations around your home.

* Ever see those beautiful train sets and Christmas towns that sell piece by piece in department stores? Why not invest in a different setting or "building" each year, until you have an entire town to display.

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