Ideas For Christmas Parties

Some great ideas for unusual themed Christmas parties that will keep spirits high during the holiday season.

The Christmas season is full of celebrations and parties. It is the time when families and friends get together to spread joy and happiness. Most people tend to have your typical Christmas party. Food, drinks and presents are the standard. But, there are other types of parties that you could have to be different from everyone else. These parties will have your family and friends talking about what a great time they had and how unique your party was.


Why? This party will entertain your guests because after they are finished building their gingerbread house, they will have a beautiful and edible gift to take home.

How? When you send out invitations to your guests inviting them to a gingerbread house party, ask them to each bring something edible with them to use to decorate the houses. After your guests all arrive and the party begins, you will have an incredible assortment of decorations to use for decorating your gingerbread house.

Supplies? You can purchase gingerbread house making kits or spend the time baking the gingerbread house pieces yourself. A recipe for making gingerbread can be found in almost any cookbook. The best frosting to use when placing the pieces together is marzipan. When marzipan dries, it forms better glue than other frostings. You can also use it to attach all of the decorations to the gingerbread house.


Why? This party also gives your guests something to take home after the party is over.

How? Have your guests bring things to use to decorate the cookies. Then you will have another assortment of decorations. You could add a variation to this party by having your guests bring their favorite cookies to decorate.

Supplies? Have enough dough prepared to make a few dozen cookies. Buy a few decorations but not too many since your guests will be bringing some also. Use either a butter cookie or a spritz cookie recipe, which can be found in almost every cookbook.


Why? This type of party is popular for couples or singles who have either just moved into their new home or are celebrating their first Christmas together. Since most people give a house-warming present, this gives them a nice alternative to the usual crock-pot.

How? When you send out the invitations, let your guests know that you are having a tree trimming party. Most people will bring an ornament to give you to add to the tree.

Supplies? Buy either a fresh or an artificial tree. Have plenty of decorations available so that your friends and family can help you decorate. Have snacks and drinks unless you are planning on a dinner.

These types of parties are more favorable among people because it brings people together in a different way then they are used to. It lets people show their creative sides to others that might not have noticed it before. Plus, it gives your guests a unique gift to take home and remember the party.

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