Ideas For Creating A Multi Use Dining Room

creating a multi use dining room, music room

With so many activities going on in homes these days, it does not make much sense to reserve a room only for special occasions. The dining room needs to take on uses outside of the occasional Sunday dinner and Thanksgiving meal. Here are some ideas for getting full use out of your dining room.

Library: You can easily transform your room into a home library room while preserving the integrity of your dining room. On one wall of the room, build a waist high shelving unit or line up a series of glass front bookshelves. Add a durable seamless top to these shelves on which you can place hot foods when used as a buffet. Make sure your dining room chairs are comfortable enough for extended sitting while reading, or if your room is large, add a settee or love seat.

Homeschool room: With more and more children homeschooling each year, the dining room often doubles as the homeschool classroom. You need to be able to transform your dining room into a classroom and back to a dining room quickly. You can do this by hanging tapestry wall hangings with maps and other educational materials on the back that you can flip over, as well as creating a library cabinet system/buffet counter.

Home office: Every year more families join the ranks of home business owners or telecommuters. It is only natural for the least used room to taken over by the home office. You can create an attractive home office by adding a computer armoire to the room that matches the dining room furniture. The table can be used to organize work and projects as long as everything can be put away when it comes time to serve that special meal. You may want to go as far as having a drop leaf or expandable table for dining in order to make more room for you to work.

Home business boardroom: If you have a business that calls for many meetings, your dining room can easily double as your boardroom. Use a table with clean simple lines and very comfortable armchairs all around the table. Hang pictures of beautiful landscapes on the walls, and add a TV armoire in the corner for presentations. By keeping, the room clean and classic your clients will forget they are actually in a dining room. When it comes time to serve that special meal, you can then add taper candles, flowers, and lacy tablecloths.

Music Room: If you or your children play instruments, the dining room is the perfect area to store and display them. It also makes a peaceful place to practice. Instead of a buffet cabinet, you can keep and upright piano in your dining room. You can also make shelves and hooks so you can store your smaller instruments on the wall when not in use. Have the instruments serve as artwork in your room from a harp displayed in front of the windows to African drums in the corner.

Another thing to remember is your dining room does not have to be in the room next to the kitchen with the chandelier hanging in the center. If it does not serve your purpose for multiple uses because of size or location, just switch it with the living or family room.

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