Ideas On Custom Painting For Infant's Room?

Ideas on custom painting for infant's room? The color depends on the gender. You can use stencils or draw curtains or paint toys around the windows. Well, depending on what gender you have. Boys, vary from...

Well, depending on what gender you have. Boys, vary from blue to yellow to red. The girl colors, a lot of those, you can make designs by using stencils. Using stencils, you can do borders around the top of the ceiling all the way around and use some bright colors to make a little effect like a playroom. You can use this near the windows and sofa. You can actually draw curtains by the windows. On the sides and on the center you use the lace, but on the sides it looks like it is painted. This makes the window look bigger. At the same time, you can use any kind of pattern that would go into a kid's room. You can paint toys, or Mickey mouse, or whatever. You can do it in stripes. You can do it in checkers. There are so many. You are going to have to let your imagination go. Maybe you see something in a magazine and you want it to look like that. If you do not have the money to actually make your window bigger, you can make the window bigger by painting. Again it can look like you have a window like that.

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