Ideas For Displaying Model Trains

Different ways to display your model trains.

There are many ways to display your model trains. These range from display cases to dioramas to simply parking some of your trains on interesting spots on your train layout. There is a company called Clear Case where you can find many cases or you can order them at your local hobby store. They make all different sizes of display cases from G gage to Z Scale. They also have different woods and shades of stain they use. They also have single train display shelves starting as low as 25 dollars. Multi train display shelves will cost more around 250 dollars. These are solid wood though with acrylic case so they do cost more. This one is a top of the line case. There are cheaper ones but you get what you pay for.

There are other ways to display. This is one of my favorites, a diorama. You can put your train on a piece of track for instance, maybe just an engine. You can give it the look like it's going down the mainline. This will take some time to get the look you want. There are many different products available to help your diorama come to life. I suggest Woodland Scenic for creating your layout. This is a company that makes ballast (the little rocks that go under the track), shrubs, and grass of different shades to get just the look you want. You can use trees that come in kits you can make or pre made trees. They also make small people, little fences, and everything you can think of to bring your diorama to life. Woodland Scenic also has rock molds with which you can make small rock or big rock formations. The best way to go about this is to buy a woodland scenic kit. Buying a kit is cheaper and has better instructions on how to build the included scenery. Woodland Scenic is a very good self starting product to use. I have seen many people start with it and the best part is even the most experienced model railroader uses it as well.

Parking a train on your layout is a great way to display. A lot of people do this for a good shot to put into a contest. Some are snow scenes or a train fueling up. Model Railroader Magazine does a contest that awards money to the best in their contest. It's also just a nice way to make a scene on your layout.

You can also hang your train from the ceiling and run them. There are a few manufacturers that make a nice system for running like this. They do cost a bit of money as a 10' X 14' room will cost around 900 dollars. There are other ways of doing this. Simply making your own shelves and holding it up with some brackets will do. It is just time consuming and takes patience.

Some people have train rooms where the whole room is trains where they display all of their trains. The room contains trains on the wall, maybe a few running trains, and also train memorabilia like signs and working signals. There are many different things you can do with a train room. It usually looks very nice in the end as long as you have the room and the trains to do it with.

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