Ideas For Halloween Alternatives

Here are Halloween alternative ideas for celebrating in October.

Some people do not celebrate Halloween. There are a number of reasons why. There might be religious reasons why people do not celebrate Halloween. Also, some people just might not like the idea of their child dressing up as something "evil," and then begging for candy from complete strangers.

However, there have to be some alternatives to Halloween, because we wouldn't want these children who do not celebrate Halloween to go feeling deprived. These children will be exposed to Halloween, by the media, by their friends, or by school, if they attend a public school that celebrates Halloween. We can shelter our kids, but it's pretty hard to shelter them to the point that they don't even know that a holiday is going on.

Therefore, we must come up with some fun ideas that will make kids not feel deprived when Halloween rolls around, and all the other kids are having fun putting on makeup, picking out cool costumes to wear and figuring out how much candy they are going to get.

Some churches realize and acknowledge that kids are going to want to do something for Halloween, so some parents or other part of the congregation will put on a Halloween alternative. The Halloween alternative can take place on the same night as Halloween, October 31st. Instead of dressing up as anything and everything, there might be a theme to dressing like people or animals of the Bible.

Instead of walking around a dark, perhaps unsafe neighborhood, the kids might just be either given candy, or they might have to have a treasure hunt for candy, they could have a pinata, they could have adults dressed up as people and animals from the Bible, and they could just go "trick or treating" at different rooms or sections of the church, depending on how the church is set up. Or, the church could go a totally different route, and just have a big party for all the kids, where there are baked goods and fruits, and soda and drinks, and kids could either dress up as people or animals of the Bible, or they wouldn't dress up, and it would just be a big party, with a lot of food and games, and the kids would still feel as if they were having fun, and wouldn't feel deprived because of all of the other kids out trick or treating.

If you aren't involved in a church, you can always just bring your child out for a night of fun. You could have this one special night a year, October 31st, where your child gets to pick out a restaurant to eat dinner at, and then pick out a fun place that he/she wants to go, whether it be Chuck E. Cheese, or some other fun kid's place like that. Or you could give your child a gift certificate to a toy store, just this one day a year. It's important to make this only happen on Halloween, so that your child will also look forward to October 31st, but just not in the same ways as kids who do celebrate Halloween.

Another idea is just to have a party on Halloween night. You can have people dress up as things that are not "evil," or you can not have costumes, it's up to you. You can bake a lot of food, have a lot of candy, play games, watch movies, or things like that. The important detail is to keep this special type of party, however you decide to do it, only on October 31st.

A last idea would be to stay home with your children, but sit down and tell them why you disagree with Halloween. This really depends on their ages. If you feel comfortable telling your child about the history of Halloween, and why you disagree with it, then go ahead. If you feel comfortable telling your child that you don't want them going to stranger's houses looking for candy when that can be dangerous, so be it.

You might not want to make this day special at all. Perhaps you will give out candy to children who trick or treat at your house, and you can have your children do that.

Good luck deciding!

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