Ideas For Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Ideas for impromptu Halloween costumes

If you find yourself in need of an impromptu Halloween costume, do not fret. You can make a last minute costume from items you have in your home. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Classic: Take a trip back to Ancient Rome with a quick trip to your linen closet. For a men's costume, you can fashion a toga out of a sheet and a belt. Do not forget to wear a little something underneath. Add sandals, criss-cross ties leather straps around your shins and put a laurel wreath or head band on your head. For women, wear a simple sheath dress or any color or length topped with a gold belt and silky draped fabric. By using this simple costume and adding a few small details, you can be any number or characters from Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, to Julius Caesar and a Greek goddess.

Funny: If you like to be the life of the crowd, dress up as something that will keep them laughing all night. You can literally become the class clown by wearing a clown outfit and playing practical jokes. Borrow brightly colored clothes that are too big, wear miss-matched sneakers, and if you do not have time to get a wig, just spray some color in your year or wear a silly hat. You can dress up as a baby, by wearing your flannel pajamas and grabbing a bottle and bib from your local grocery store. You can be an ugly beauty queen by wearing a beautiful dress with horrible makeup and blacked out teeth. A man would make an especially ugly beauty queen if he can borrow a dress.

Serious: For a more dignified Halloween costume, you can wear scrubs, a clipboard and a toy stethoscope to be a doctor. You can also wear your best suit and call yourself a lawyer for the night. For a nice gag, you can make up funny business cards that say "ambulance chaser" and hand them out. For the homemaker who takes her job very seriously, she can wear an apron with the words "domestic goddess" written on it, and pick up a cheap crown on the way to the party.

Shocking: For a truly shocking costume, wear a black outfit and create lightening bolts out of glow in the dark paper. To seriously shock your friends and family, wear something that is completely out of character for you. If you are normally a serious person who wears suits and ties every day of the week, wear a sweat suit for a change. Take along your remote control and call yourself a couch potato. Whenever someone says something annoying, you can try to change his or her channel. If you are normally a "hip" and "with it" person, put on glasses and pull up your pants, (or your hair if you are a woman) and be a nerd for the day. If you are a generally a very casual person who would not even get dressed up for your wedding, a quick makeover will make you the life of the party.

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