Ideas For Science Fair Projects

Gives ideas for science fair projects and tells the parts needed for a fair project. Helps parents and students prepare for the fair.

Everyone knows that a school science fair pops up before you know and you can go brain-dead when trying to think of ideas. Here's where to turn for help. Here are some ideas to use or to get you started to think of your own. The suggestions are just questions - you will have to do your own scientific process to solve the problem. Parts of a science fair project are

1) Question. This is what you find here and is most often centered in the middle of the backboard.

2) Problem. This states what you are going to solve in a statement form.

3) Hypothesis. This is where you make an educated guess as to what the answer will be and explain why you think it will be so. It is not a bad thing to be wrong here - so don't worry if you guessed right or wrong.

4) Materials: This is a list of supplies you will need to complete the project.

5) Procedure: This is a list of steps that a person would do to replicate the project. The problem, hypothesis, materials, and procedure are usually posted on the left wing of the project board.

6) Data: These are charts, graphs, photographs etc. that support the work you did on your project. Date is usually posted in the middle section below the question.

7) Results: This is the scientific results. This only tells what happened.

8) Conclusion: This is the statement of what happened and why it happened.

Results and Conclusion usually go on the right wing of the project board. Procedure may also be found here if room did not allow on the left wing.

9) Daily Log: This is found in a notebook and tells what the student did each day on the project.

10) Bibliography: This tells the resources that have been used on the project. Found in notebook.

11) Summary: this is a one page description of what the student did with the project and what he/she learned by doing the project. Found in notebook.

Remember to make the board look attractive. A sloppy project never wins or scores well!

Let's get onto the project ideas. Have a great science fair!

*Which brand of microwave popcorn leaves the least unpopped kernels? Hint - Glue the unpopped kernels onto the board for a project that will catch the judge's eye.

*Which keeps bread from growing mild the longest - saran wrap, ziploc bags, or aluminum foil?

*Does the color of the paper a test is printed on affect the student's scores on the test?

*Does the color of paper a story is printed on affect the rate at which you read?

*Which type of doormat removed the most amount of dirt from shoes?

*Which brand of spraypaint fades the least in the sun?

*Which brand of motor oil stays the cleanest over a 30 day period?

*Which color is most predominant in a bag of m&m's?

*Can people tell the difference between caffeinated and uncaffeinated cola?

*Which type of program has the most commercials - cartoons, game shows, or sit-coms?

*Which day of the week do the stores have the most basic in stock?

*How many times must a 15 year old listen to a pop song before they learn the words to it?

*Which brand of films has the brightest colors when developed?

*Does a throwaway camera give the same quality of pictures as the same manufacturer's roll of film in a non-disposable camera?

*Will water boil faster on the stove or in the microwave?

*Does music affect a plant's growth?

*Does color affect appetite? Make sugar cookies and dye them different colors and see which color people eat more of.

*Does restricting the senses of sight and/or smell affect the taste of food?

*Which brand of T-shirt will stay in the best condition over 30 washings?

*Does music affect your appetite? Weigh your food before and after each dinner and change the music each night. Do this for one month and see which kind of music resulted in you eating the most amount of food. Could do this also for the amount of light instead of music.

Well these were just a few ideas to get you started. Have a great time with science!

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