Ideas And Tips For Hosting A 25 Year Wedding Anniversary Party

Planning a twenty-five year anniversary party? Here are some ideas and tips to help get you started.

The twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is a milestone for any couple. Over twenty-five years, many couples have raised children and sent them off to college, have faced the loss of different friends or family members and have gone through different jobs or careers. Twenty-five years will have seen many triumphs and many tragedies, but a couple who has stuck by each other and endured for two and a half decades is a rare occurrence in this day and age. A twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is indeed an event to celebrate. If you are throwing friends or family members a 25 year anniversary party or if you and your spouse are throwing one for yourselves, here are some different ideas to help your party be unforgettable.

* Since the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is popularly known as the silver anniversary, you can easily make a silver-themed party. Buy large bouquets of silver balloons and have them fill the ceiling. Put bouquets of flowers in silver vases or, to cut costs, put single stem roses in a silver bud vases all around the room. Make sure all of your paper plates, cups and napkins are also silver and use silver table cloths for your buffet table. Granted, you do not want your guests to walk in a room that looks like it has been tin foiled, but you will want to be tasteful in your silver decorations.

* Music is essential for any party, whether you have a band playing or music simply playing in the background. Think back twenty-five years ago when you and your spouse first got married or, better yet, look online and find a list of the most popular songs from twenty-five years ago and make a music compilation of some of these songs on CD. Have the CD playing while the party is taking place as great background music or hand out these music compilations as favors to your guests. This will help bring about a hint of nostalgia as guests proclaim aloud, "I remember that song!"

* Why not bypass the silver theme altogether and come up with a theme that better suits the couple? Maybe the anniversary couple loves to travel? You can make a safari theme or a European theme, complete with blown-up copies of postcards from different countries. If the couple is notorious for golfing every Sunday, make a golf theme and have a baker make an anniversary cake in the shape of a golf ball. Or you can make the anniversary a more intimate affair with a few of the couple's closest friends and family members joining them in a round of golf. Be sure you develop a theme or party that will best suit the couple. For example, if the couple is more low-key, you don't want to throw them a huge bash with a hundred guests.

* During the party, have each of the guests recount a favorite memory of the couple that occurred within the last twenty-five years. So no guest is suddenly put on the spot, you can include this request in your anniversary party invitations, so each guest can have some time to determine what they will say.

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