Ideas For A Wedding Table

Learn how to make a drab guestbook signing area into a fabulous wedding table the guests will not forget.

A first impression speaks a thousand words. When a guest first arrives at the reception of a wedding, the first thing he/she usually sees when walking in is the wedding table. This is the table that is set up at the entryway of the reception hall that usually contains a large photo of the bride and a guest book and pen. Some couples choose to keep this table simple with the above listed items, but wouldn't it be nice to spruce this table up a little bit more, especially since it is the first thing a guest glimpses?

While many of the guests are close family and friends, they are probably familiar with the story of the couple's courtship. However, other guests may not be. Why not use the wedding table to pictorially depict the couple's history? There are several ways to go about this. One way is to create a scrapbook. Before the wedding, have the couple create a small scrapbook containing photos from before they met, from their first dates and from their engagement. They can choose to include any other special memorabilia, like love letters or cards written to each other. Guests will love feeling they know the history of the couple who has let them have an intimate glance into their lives. Leave the front or last two pages of the scrapbook empty so that guests can write words of congratulations to the new couple. This will doubly serve as a cherished memory for the couple. Yet another way to show the couple's history and something which will not take much time is to set up picture frames of the couple which show them through different phases of their courtship. The guests can look over them as they sign the guest book.

Since many couples love to give out wedding favors to their guests, you can place them here on the wedding table so that guests can receive them before they enter. For example, if the couple is giving out small bags of chocolate-covered almonds, decorate a big wicker basket with ribbons and bows in the couple's wedding colors and put the bags of candy inside.

Another great idea is to have one of the members of the wedding party stand by this table with a Polaroid camera. As guests walk in, have them sign the guest book and then pose for an instant photo. In the large white space underneath the actual photo, have the guests write a couple of words of congratulations to the couple and then put the photos on the wedding table for other guests to peruse. When the wedding is over, gather all of the photos and put them in a scrapbook for the couple to enjoy.

If the couple is very sentimental, ask permission to gather wedding photos of the couple's close family and friends, including grandparents, parents, siblings and best friends. These are very precious photos so you will want to make sure you handle them with great care and return them very soon after the wedding. Put the photos in attractive frames and place them all around the table.It will serve as a tribute to those whose photos are displayed.

Whichever idea you choose for the couple's wedding table, make sure you decorate around these main showcases with a table cloth, ribbon, bows and/or scented candles. Make it a first impression the guests will not forget.

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