Is IE8 Compatible With Webroot?

Webroot SecureAnywhere is a series of security products that can protect your computer from a range of threats including viruses, rootkits and keyloggers. Because many of these threats can enter your computer through the Web browser, it is essential that you select a security product compatible with your preferred browser. All of Webroot's SecureAnywhere 2012 products are compatible with Internet Explorer 8.


Webroot's product range includes SecureAnywhere AntiVirus, SecureAnywhere Essentials and SecureAnywhere Complete. The more costly products feature additional protection not present in the less expensive products, but all three include full protection from viruses and other malicious software. As well, all three download and install new virus definitions automatically, prevent programs from changing computer settings without your permission and detect unidentified threats based on unusual behavior.

System Requirements

All three Webroot SecureAnywhere 2012 products have the same system requirements. They are compatible with Windows XP SP2 and later and require a computer with an Intel Pentium/Celeron processor or faster, or AMD equivalent. All three products require at least 128MB of system memory and 10MB of free hard drive space. The products are able to protect Web browsing in Internet Explorer 7.0 or later and Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or later.

Product Range

WebRoot SecureAnywhere Essentials 2012 includes features not present in SecureAnywhere AntiVirus, including a software firewall, phishing protection, privacy enhancements for Web browsing and 2GB of online storage. SecureAnywhere Complete has these features plus an additional 8GB of online storage, encryption of passwords and other private data, automatic Web form filling, password generation and synchronization and protection for mobile devices.


Webroot SecureAnywhere isn't the only security product available for your computer and you should research several products before selecting one to place your trust in. Two other commercial security products are Avira Internet Security and ESET Smart Security. Two free security products are Microsoft Security Essentials and Avast! Free Antivirus.

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