What Is The Importance Of Reading To Children?

What is the importance of reading to children? There are many, find out what they are here!

You probably like to read. After all, you are reading this article, and have probably read many other sources, online and otherwise, in the last week. Reading is fun, entertaining, educational, and down right exciting. Reading is the only way I know that you can turn a page and enter a world.

Children from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and income levels love to be read to by their parents. They enjoy being read to by teachers, friends, other kids, librarians, but especially by their own mom and dad.

The reason behind this is simple, really. Reading is a time to draw closer together. It's like taking a family vacation without the car, the gas, the weather, the bathroom stops and the fighting. In other words, it's a lot like having fun.

Children enjoy the stories, especially when they are read with love and emotion, but even more importantly, they love to feel the physical closeness and the feeling that they are loved. This is a time for parents and their children to "˜bond'.

This is an important part of the reading process, however, the most important part is that children who are read to will, in turn, read better on their own. This is a proven fact. Children who have parents or caregivers who read to them perform 10% and higher on Word Frequency Evaluation Tests and Standardized Tests. So, putting it simply, reading to your child will not only encourage them to read, it will open their future achievement levels to new heights.

Some of the best children's books I've ever read are about interaction between a child and their parent or parents. The list of those that I recommend can be found below.

I love you this much

Love you forever

I promise I'll find you

Goodnight Moon

Children's Golden Treasury of goodnight stories

You can find these books at many large retail stores, second hand bookstores, and online. I encourage you to find these, tuck your special child into their bed, cozy and warm...and travel with them.

It's destined to be a good trip.

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