The Importance of School Lockers

By Alan Kirk

  • Overview

    Lockers are commonly seen in schools throughout the country. Unlike some teenage sitcoms, one of the common functions of a school locker is not for locking other students inside of a locker. School lockers are a convenience for students making it easier for them to manage their supplies during the day. It is also an advantage to the school as it helps keep the school clean of excess litter or supplies that might be discarded on the floor if there were no lockers.
  • Function

    School lockers are assigned to students as a way for them to store supplies while they are attending the school. The supplies could range from books, to papers, book bags, and jackets just to name a few items. The school supplies the school lockers for the students' use, but reserves the right to inspect the lockers if officials fear there is something being stored in the lockers that is illegal or presents a physical danger in the school.
  • Convenience

    School lockers allow students to have a level of convenience in the school. By having lockers the students do not need to carry their jackets and aschool supplies to every class during the day. Instead the students may leave the majority of their books and folders in the lockers and just access them between classes or as needed.

  • Styles

    School lockers sometimes come with one and other times with two compartments. The larger compartment has a hook to hang the student's jacket from and store other large items. The smaller compartment which is above the large compartment can be used to hold several of the student's books, a lunch, or other item that fits better in a small confined space instead of the larger compartment.
  • Student Access to Lockers

    Students are allowed access to their lockers during the regular school day. They are expected to access their lockers in the morning before their first class, in between classes or lunch periods, and after school. Access to school lockers is not permitted when the common areas of the school are not open. Depending on the school, student-athletes may be able to access their lockers after athletic practices and games.
  • Legal Issues

    The students are in effect renting the school lockers for no cost. This means that the school has an interest in what is being stored in the lockers and can access the lockers if officials have probable cause. Items that can not be stored in students' lockers include alcoholic beverages, weapons and any other items barred from school property. Due to liability, schools can make a policy on how much money may be stored in students' lockers as well. Any amount of the amount listed in the policy stored in a locker is not the responsibility of the school if it is stolen or damaged in an event such as a fire.
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