How Important Are Interior Design Pictures When You Are Decorating?

How important are interior design pictures when you are decorating? Interior design pictures can help you decorate your house. For the most part pictures are important to people, they can use them to help...

For the most part pictures are important to people, they can use them to help stimulate their mind when they're working wherever in their house. They'll get some ideas that will occur in mind if they're stuck. It also breaks out the designer's block on how they would do it differently or make it better. If you're looking through a catalog for instance, if you see an item or items that you really like, you can say "this would go good in my kitchen, this would look nice on my wall or shelf, or this would go in my bathroom." So that's why pictures are important in that sense.

Even Mary Noe, Academic Director of Interior Design at the Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumberg would say "Yes. Interior design picture as far as references from magazines are great. People should be willing to explore what's being done."

Creativity comes to mind and by using photographs as a guide, to help you make better decorating decisions. When looking at full-color photographs you might consider using bright and wonderful colors that can be on your walls or floor coverings.

Plants add a special and comforting touch as well as floral, maybe you won't get a clear idea of what where you would want your plants or floral arrangements to be if you looked through some pictures on how people with a sophistication of style have an elegant living room or dining room, how would they use floral arrangements? If you're creative, you'll have no problem on how you would make your own arrangements. "People who are not trained as interior designers need to be able to see how things relate to them. So it's okay to look in a magazine and pull bits and pieces of other pictures or places that make you happy. Then, maybe use an interior designer to help you pull it all together." says Mary.

Wallpaper and patterns provides a set of scenery, just like if you were on an actual set and makes a great backdrop. If you see wallpaper that you like and have a color in mind, make it whereas they collide to work with each other. Mary says, "This is the way I make meatloaf. I make meatloaf by pulling out all my cookbooks and opening up the page of meatloaf recipes. Then, I explore them and think about what I have and how much time I have to make it. I will combine all of those recipes into really my own recipe, and I think that's pretty much the way I see things." She also continues to say "That's where I see a lot of interior design professionals being the most valuable to a client. The client can certainly begin the process by identifying what makes them happy, what they like. But they really need an interior designer to take all those issues and make it into that meatloaf that will create that appetizing environment. I think some people are timid to look at other magazines. If they are intimidating, they are like, "I will never have a space like that, but it's just a great way to start recognizing what is visually pleasing to you."

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