Impotency Causes And Solutions

Find out what every man needs to know about Sexual Impotency, its causes and its remedies!

There are an estimated twenty million men in the United States who suffer from impotency at some time in their lives. Impotency is also known as Erectile Dysfunction, or ED for short. It is defined as the inability to achieve or sustain an erection of the penis in order to have sexual intercourse. It doesn't matter what age or race a man is, as impotency happens because of a number of reasons.

The usual reasons a man many experience a bout of impotency may include mental stress, physical stress, excessive consumption of alcohol, excessive use of tobacco, fatigue, mental anguish concerning sexual performance, or depression. Another cause of temporary impotency can be a negative side effect from a prescribed medication which the man is currently taking. These types of impotency are usually temporary and end when the cause is found and remedied.

If, however, the period of impotency extends beyond a reasonable length of time, a visit to the doctor or healthcare professional is needed. There are many more-serious physical causes of impotency which may include, but are not limited to--diabetes, kidney disease, and a hormonal imbalance.

The patient's doctor or healthcare professional will undoubtedly ask some questions about a man's sexual history so that he can properly diagnose the cause of the problem. The patient may possibly be run through a complete medical examination which may include some simple tests.

A change of a prescription medicine may be in order if that is found to be causing the impotency problem. Or, if a hormonal imbalance is found, medication can be prescribed in order to successfully treat this problem. There are a number of other medical remedies for men today who suffer from impotency which can be used to alleviate this aggravating problem, also.

As for the physical causes of impotency, most men can help to significantly decrease the risk of suffering from this problem by avoiding excessive tobacco use, excessive amounts of alcohol, and abstaining from illegal drug use. Men should try to follow a healthy diet which consists of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain bread products, and plenty of protein from sources such as lean red meat, milk, yogurt, and cheeses.

Another important part of the problems of sexual impotency is the man having an open, honest communication with his spouse or sexual partner. Even though impotency can cause a deep effect on a man's ego, and cause him to have feelings of shame and embarrassment, communication is an essential factor in the healing process. Every man needs to effectively communicate these feelings to his spouse or sexual partner. This openness and honesty will not only enable the spouse or sexual partner to better understand the man's feelings, but it will also enable both the man and his spouse or sexual partner to understand what the problem is and why there is a lack of sexual intimacy existing between them. The man may choose to have his spouse or sexual partner with him when he visits the doctor's office.

In conclusion, there can be many causes, both mental and physical, for male sexual impotency. But, a man does not need to suffer with this problem as there are many different medications as well as medical remedies available today to alleviate this problem.

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