Impressing A Potential Employer: Work That Shirt!

Follow these simple rules so you can dress to impress your potential employer at your next interview!

Amongst the many ways to dazzle a potential new employer, why don't you try this one first? Just be yourself! Going into a new job is like going into a new relationship. People don't want to feel as if they've met the person of their dreams (in this case, the employee of their dreams) and then a few months down the line, find out that the wool was pulled over their eyes.

Many believe that the interview begins with the first question - WRONG! The moment you step foot in the door you are being evaluated. Greet the interviewer with your unique personality without even saying a word. Your eyes, smile, the positioning of your body, the bounce in your step, the firmness of your handshake, and what you wear have already begun to form an idea in the interviewer's mind of the spirit that you will contribute to the workforce.

One of the simplest ways to get off on the right foot is to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. You need to look approachable and confident, not intimidated or uncertain. Borrowing something that doesn't fit or that isn't your style for a job interview is just about as comfortable as wearing your great-grandfather's suit while bringing your favorite supermodel to the Superbowl. Rest assured, whether you're a jeans-and-T-shirt type of a guy or more comfortable in a suit, it's very easy to find the look that's best for you! Even those with little pocket money and no creativity can follow a few simple rules to mix and match their way to a look that screams, "Hire me!"

The first thing to consider is the position that you are applying for. What is the typical dress code for employees? Step things up by dressing one notch above the company's normal dress code for your interview. Remember, one notch (not twenty), you want to look defined, not like a vegetarian in a butcher shop! Contrary to popular belief, sometimes a smaller change can make an even larger impression than a bigger one. If the employees typically wear old jeans and a stained, uniform shirt, try wearing a stylish pair of jeans, a sweater that reflects your personal style, and a clean pair of casual boots or shoes. Do not wear work boots, even if they are a job requirement, and do not wear sneakers. You want to appear clean but unafraid of a little dirt, organized but not overly concerned with your appearance.

The key to dressing appropriately is balance. If you are applying for an office position where the dress is casual, never wear jeans, even if it is allowed. You want to look as if your impression of the company is a professional one. If you go with a more casual pair of pants like a pressed khaki, step up the shirt a notch to add a bit of flare or sport a solid-colored tie to give a hint of professionalism. A printed tie will look messy in this case. You already look comfortable from the waist down, appear put together and focused on the other half of your body to balance things out. On the contrary, if you elect to wear a pair of pants with the label "dry clean only," you'll need to wear a more casual type shirt or sweater so you don't go too over the top.

If you're applying for that top-end position at a very competitive company, chances are that every applicant is going to arrive in their best three-piece suit. This is where a knowledge of color mixing can help you to entice your audience. You have the ability to be classic, chic, and bold with a little crash course in color comprehension. It capitalizes on your attention to detail and has the ability to enhance your unique sense of style.

Think back to elementary school when we learned how to mix colors with our finger paints. What your art teacher may not have told you then is that, because of the variations in the rays of light that reflect back to your eyes, using certain colors together can send off visual vibrations. These colors are called complementary colors. The complementary color for red is green, for yellow it's purple, and for blue it is orange. Although wearing a red and green outfit may not sound appealing, there are subtle ways you can incorporate these vibrations into your look. If you have blonde hair, try wearing a purple shirt accented by gold jewelry. If you're going for that CEO look and you're in your sharpest outfit, accent your center point or accessories with a complementary color.

Try wearing lighter and darker hues of the same color and offset it by incorporating a complementary color for a dazzling appearance. Your potential employer would be in for a memorable interview. Limit your outfit to one pattern. Do not mix vertical stripes with horizontal ones. If you have a pattern on your shirt, do not wear one on your tie.

Last, but certainly not least, don't be afraid to take an element from an old style and mix it with something new. Remember, an old style recycled isn't old, it's classy. Find comfort in knowing that the world's hottest fashion designers didn't get to where they are by following the trends. They created new ones. Isn't it time you became the hottest new trend?

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