What impressions do different eyebrow shapes give?

Learn about the looks you can create by changing your eyebrow shape.

Whether you pluck, wax, thread or trim your eyebrows, it is important to know the impression you are giving by creating a particular shape. The shape of your eyebrows affects your whole face, but especially your eyes. Learn more about how to get the perfect shape of eyebrows for the look you really want.

Shaping the brows

An eyebrow can be shaped by removing hairs or by adding density to a sparse area with eyebrow makeup. Eyebrow makeup comes in powders and pencils; it is a great idea to use eyebrow makeup to simulate a new style before you start plucking. It can be washed off, but a plucked hair will take a while to grow back. Some manufacturers even offer stencils to help with testing and creating the perfect brow shape.

The thin brow

Extremely thin brows were popular in some decades past, but they do not offer the more natural look that is preferred today. Thin brows tend to look not only dated, but to give the wearer a permanent look of shock or surprise. Once brows are over-plucked into a thin shape, it is difficult to grow them back since they will look sparse for some time.

The frowning brow

When brows are shaped so that the inner portion - the front edge of the brows - is longer than the outer section, it makes the wearer appear to be frowning. In addition, this look exacerbates the furrows or frown lines that may appear above the nose and is not considered a desirable look.

The unibrow

A brow that has not been shaped to remove hair over the nose so that one brow connects to the other is often called a unibrow. Ideally, each eyebrow should start exactly above the inner corner of each eye. A unibrow gives the impression of being wild and unkempt. A unibrow is considered to be beyond a natural look, implying a feral nature on the part of the wearer.

The high arch vs. the high arch

A high arch makes a face look longer. So, if you have a square or wide round face, you may want to heighten your arch a little to give the illusion of length. For round faces, consider the added step of making the outer brow edge angle a little toward the top of the ear; this breaks up the circular shape of the face.

On the other hand, a low arch can help to shorten a face that appears overly long. While you do not want a totally straight brow, minimize the arch to counteract a long chin or forehead.

The perfect arch

Brows of the ideal length that are perfectly groomed with a clean arch say glamour. While most people aren't born with perfect brows, they are not difficult to get. A well shaped brow provides balance to the face and is the epitome of someone who cares about personal grooming and is associated with beauty and confidence.


Do not vary the shape of your brows too much from your natural shape. While some grooming is fine, you will look much more natural if you follow your inherent arch.

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