Impressive Wedding Favor Packaging Ideas

To make a lasting impression, package your wedding favors in exquisite packaging. Discover 20 unique packaging ideas and suggested contents to delight your wedding guests.

Presentation often creates a lasting impression, sometimes more than the item inside the packaging. An exquisite presentation often adds to the perceived intrinsic value of the item. This axiom holds true whether you're serving dinner, putting together an outfit, planning a marketing campaign or presenting a simple favor to your wedding guests.

Try this experiment; it illustrates the impact of presentation. Think about Christmas morning when you're huddled around the Christmas tree with your family. Try to remember one of the most beautifully gift-wrapped presents you've received over the years. You may remember the gift-wrap, but have no idea what was inside the package. That's the power of packaging.

If you're giving one favor per person, incorporate the favors into the table setting. If you're giving one favor per couple or per family, ask your attendants to distribute the favors as your guests leave at the end of the reception.

Your guests can often use the decorative package at home long after they've used the contents. Each time they use the package, they'll think about you and your special day.

We'll provide you with 20 packaging ideas, and a few ideas for the contents of the package. Fill in the blanks by filling the packages with anything you like. You can use candy, guest soaps, or tealight candles, just to give you a few ideas.

1. Clear square boxes with a velvet, silk, satin, or sheer bow - Pick a box a little larger than the favor, and add a gift card with the recipients name. Select gift cards with a little hole and thread the ribbon through the hole so that the card dangles off the ribbon.

2. Sheer organza gift bags - These are like petite wine bags, only smaller. Use organza to show off the contents of the bag, and select a silk or satin drawstring closure. Your guests can fill the little bag with potpourri at home and use it as a sachet.

3. Clear heart boxes - Your guests can use these to hold small items like paperclips or they can display them at home. The boxes can also hold just enough potpourri for a small area such as a corner of the guest bathroom.

4. Petite pastel translucent handbags, complete with miniature handbag closures, are the perfect packaging for candied almonds or small hard candies.

5. Petite pails - This makes a unique presentation for votive candles. Your guests can use them to burn votives at home.

6. Glass bottle - Add a crystal or silk flower and your guests can display the favor at home or replace the flower with a live bud.

7. Red heart-shaped bottle with a cork - Your guests can use the bottle as a bud vase after the wedding.

8. Petite velvet drawstring bags with tassels - After the wedding, your guests might use this bag as a coin bag.

9. Petite metal luminary bags - As long as the bags are constructed of thin metal, your guests can place a votive inside the bag and use the favor as a candleholder at home.

10. Miniature candy tins - These oblong tins come in two sizes, the same sizes you see at the drug store for strong breath mints and candies. You can select from a range of decorative imprints, and your guests can use them to store anything from paper clips and safety pins to mints and other small candies at home.

11. Wire baskets - Your guests can display a decorative wire basket at home as a knick-knack or use them to hold small items.

12. Lip balm tins - You can personalize the top of these little tins. When the lip balm is gone, guests can fill the tins with hand balm for travel.

13. Miniature round silver baskets - Present petite candies in these little baskets. Your guests can set the basket in a bookcase or on display it on an end table at home.

14. Petite round glass basket, trimmed in gold or silver - Add candied almonds, and guests can use them at home to hold sugar cubes.

15. Tuxedo favor boxes - These little boxes can hold all sorts of treasures for your guests. They add the perfect accent to the table setting at a formal reception, and they're bound to start conversations among strangers at the table.

16. Petite silver trays - The trays are perfect for "serving" candies. Wrap them in organza or mesh and tie with a silk bow.

17. Sheer beaded organza or metallic bags - These little drawstring bags often sport metallic beading at the bottom of the bag. Guests can display them at home or hang them just below the bulb in a lamp for an unusual accent.

18. Musical notes trunk - These lightweight cardboard boxes are the exact size to hold index cards at home after the wedding. They often include a gold bow and white rose petal for the closure.

19. Porcelain gift boxes - Two-piece porcelain gift boxes are available in an assortment of colors and usually sport a porcelain bow on the top.

20. Petite Chinese take-out boxes - Clear or pastel translucent petite boxes reveal the contents on the inside. This is another unique alternative for presenting small candies to your guests. The boxes can withstand hand washing, and your guests can use them for after-dinner mints at home.

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