How To Improve Your Basketball Game

These 5 easy to do exercises will improve your basketball game by strengthening body parts specific to the game.

Like every sport, basketball requires the development of unique muscles and skills. Extra work developing these muscles and skills can greatly improve your basketball game. But did you know that you can work to improve these skills with easy to do exercises in your own house? Just use the following 5 steps:

Work Those Calves"¦

The calves are key to jumping, and they can be easily worked out anywhere that you have enough room to stand. Simply raise your body onto your toes in the exercise commonly known as calf raises. Do about 30 repetitions every other day, and you'll have rock solid calves for better jumping ability in no time.

Increase your flexibility"¦

Flexibility is very important in basketball. Your ability to stretch for a lose ball, to maintain control of your body in the air, to contort yourself around defenders in the lane-- all of these things can be improved simply by stretching and working to increase your flexibility every day. Pick any stretching routine, and just do it daily, increasing your flexibility each day,. Stretching arms, legs, and torso are most important.

Jump for Joy"¦

Of course, the ability to jump high is very valuable in basketball. And you know what they say, practice makes perfect. To improve your jumping ability, do what my high school basketball coach called star jumps. Start from a crouching position and explode with all your might upward until you are leaping into the sky. Do about 30 repetitions daily or every other day.

Strengthen Your Hands"¦

Maintaining control of the ball as defenders attempt to slap it away is a key skill, especially if you post up or drive the lane. Squeezing a stress ball or a tennis ball for 20 minutes a day can provide just the added strength in your hands that you need.

Practice the Ball Handling"¦

The ability to handle and protect the ball is key in basketball. But why limit your practice to the court. Carry a basketball everywhere you go, and dribble it whenever you can, especially with your off hand. When you aren't dribbling hold the ball. Try to palm it. Throw it in the air and catch it. Any time you spend playing with the ball will help your ball handling skills.

If you do all of these things while you continue to practice basketball on the court, you are sure to make great improvements in your play.

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