How To Improve Your Creativity And Problem Solving

Learn to enhance your natural creativity ability to solving problems. To think creatively allows us deal with people, and generate solutions effectively.

Creativity is defined by Webster as creative ability or intellectual inventiveness. This is a skill that everyone has to some extent. There are ways to improve your ability to create and generate new ideas. Not everyone can be a great artist or a creative genius. But it makes sense to make the most of the potential we are given. The following techniques inspired by Dave Ellis's manual, Becoming a Master Student, suggests routes for new thought in business meetings, papers, dealing with people, and creating excitement in a variety of settings.

A brainstorm can work with an individual or a group. This technique requires the generation of as many ideas as possible to solve a problem. It does not matter how outlandish an idea might be, all ideas are written down. The ideas need to be written down, and a time limit should be imposed for accepting ideas. If this is a group brainstorm, an individual should be appointed as recorder to write down the ideas. If this is an individual project, the person should write as the thoughts come. Remember the less judgment of ideas the greater the number of ideas generated. Although many of the ideas may be unreasonable and ineffective they may lead you to the idea that will really work. It is helpful to set a goal for the number of ideas you wish to generate. This will give you something to work toward, and may unleash the perfect solution.

Alter your focus when faced with a problem you cannot solve. Sometimes when we face a problem we struggle with our thoughts so much, our energy is tapped. The stress that comes with this kind of problem solving also affects how we think. If the anxiety level becomes too high, parts of the brain will shut down and it is impossible to generate the ideas needed to deal with the problem. When faced with too much stress the mind goes into the fight or flight mode. This allows the mind to deal with only two alternatives, fighting the opponent or fleeing the danger. You can avoid these mind numbing emotions by altering your activity. When you feel yourself getting stressed out, or you begin losing your focus. Put the project on the back burner for a while. Allow yourself to focus on another task. Some people, golf, juggle, or exercise to get away from their mind blocks. When you return to this important task, you will have shifted from your stressed out mind set to a new relaxed and ready to conquer attitude.

Getting away from the problem allows your subconscious mind to problem solve, while your conscious mind is occupied with other things. Sometimes you will find the solution to your problem in your sleep. This is when the subconscious mind is most active. Basically, all your experiences and learnings are stored in this part of the brain. This is where your creativity gets turbo-powered. If you can tap into this force you will have creative powers beyond your wildest expectations.

Serendipity, the ability to make unlikely and positive discoveries happen by accident, is one manifestation of the sub-conscious mind at work. Cultivating serendipity requires you to keep your eyes open. You may find solutions in unlikely places. Alexaander Flemming discovered penicillin when a spore of mold was blown into his petri dish and killed the bacteria with in it. He might have written the whole episode off as a failed experiment, but instead this lead him to discover a life saving drug. Another important aspect of increasing serendipity is increasing the information and kinds of information you expose yourself to. This may mean visiting unusual websites, watching movies you would normally avoid, reading different kinds of literature, joining discussion groups, and talking with new people. Ultimately the most important element is being ready to receive unexpected things; have an open mind and an open heart to good fortune and all that comes with it.

Journal your thoughts for future use. This includes writing down dreams, insights, experiences, quotes, problems with friends, and any other information that is pertinent to you. This should have some kind of organization so you can look back on it periodically. You may find the answer to a problem in last month's dream, so remember to review these personal logs frequently. This system will compliment the complex subconscious mind, and allow you to retrieve from this boundless resource.

Allow your ideas to develop and follow through on them. It is said that a good idea is worth fifty cents, and the plan to implement that plan is worth millions of dollars. If you trust in your creative process and generate ideas it is important to put these ideas to use. You need to develop plans objectives and goals to make the ideas realities. If you access your subconscious mind and utilize the information gained there, you will become a creative individual.

Becoming more creative is, like any worthwhile skill, something that takes determination and practice. As you learn about creativity and the techniques that work best for you, a whole new world will open up to you. Creativity can be helpful in problem solving, dealing with people, and creating success in all areas of your life. Take the time to tap into your greatest power, the power of the imagination and increase your creativity in all areas of life.

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