Improve Your Looks

Looks may be altered and improved with a couple of days and a bit of know how.

You are at a point in life where your looks are possibly fading, you've gained some weight, and your smile has often left you and you cannot seem to find it. Nothing feels fresh and new anymore. What's worse yet, is that you have an event coming up--a birthday, special occasion, date, or holiday that you want to be able to "be your old self once again". What to do?

Quick! Here's how to take immediate action with your looks or personal hygiene (which have gone by the wayside for some time). Deal with one thing at a time. What is really bothering you? Is it your overgrown toenails and smelly feet, your oily and wrinkly skin, or your sparse and dry hair with that "outdated" cut? You have to cut to the quick when it comes to improving and be honest with yourself. Usually, it's one or more things that can use some immediate attention and improvement. In this case, you have to think short-term in order to achieve your short-term goal (anniversary,40th birthday, etc.) that you want to look nice for.

Short-term Solutions

If you're finding you're feeling "unpretty," "unfeminine" or "unclean", a short-term solution that may remedy these ugly adjectives can be the following band-aids to feeling better:

Go out and buy a new deodorant, deodorant soap, perfume, bathset and fragrant shampoo or shower gel. This may seem very superficial, but scent is known to improve your sense of well-being and has a calming effect in certain studies. Women who wear perfume at work are calmer during the day than women who don't. Most women are probably turned off by scents, as sometimes, they're too strong, too expensive, their man doesn't like it, or they never cared for it or got in the habit of using it. If perfume is not your style, go for a mild bath spray or spritzer. A deodorant soap and the right deodorant will solve the rest of the hygiene and odor problems in this case. Technically, these problems occur in women just don't pay enough attention to themselves or keep up with hygiene, as a result of today's hectic work schedules.


If your problem pertains to your skin or hair--read on. Skin problems such as oily or dry skin can usually be taken care of pretty easily within a few days. Dry skin people should try the remedy of good old-fashioned petroleum jelly on their faces at night (a thin layer) and people with oily skin should try using a oil-absorbing facial or mud mask (mint julep is a standard one) to dry out their faces somewhat. Both remedies should be used at night for at least three nights in a row before noticeable results are achieved.


Hair problems can be dealt with even quicker than we think. A new do is all you need to refresh your look. But, when I say, new, I mean "new". Look through some popular magazines to get the latest cut, or something close to it. Be adventurous! Hair grows back whether we like it or not!

Weight Problems/Body Shape

If weight and your body shape are a problem, and you do not have the physical time to go on a diet or get surgery, then clothes can act as your best concealer. Stick with black, loose, clothing that's comfortable; get more creative with accessories and shoes to accent your look. Black is acceptable and can hide minor flaws in your figure. Don't overdo black, as you're not constantly in mourning.

Long-term Solutions

Give yourself time to consider some of the longer-term problems that you may be facing, but are confident and financially stable enough to try and improve for the future. Long-term problems to consider now may be: plastic surgery, losing weight, growing hair, and improving skin that has acne or sun damage by the care and advice of a good dermatologist.

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