How To Improve Sex Life

Learn some new approaches to improving your sex life, and get back the playfulness and excitement in your bedroom!

There comes a time in all couple's history that sex becomes a problem.Either physical attraction seems to wane, or sexual contact seems to become repetitive and boring, or else one partner or another become dissatisfied with their love life.But having problems with physical intimacy in a relationship does not have to mean an end to a relationship.Couples often run into problems in the bedroom, and these issues can be overcome with the proper approach and understanding.

Ease the Pressure: Feeling pressured or coerced into physical intimacy is one of the biggest turn-offs possible.Often, couples can only begin to enjoy themselves in bed once they relax and allow themselves to give and receive pleasure.This cannot happen if one or both partners are feeling pressured into doing something.Instead, go at a pace that is comfortable for both partners, and if one person is dissatisfied with things, reach a compromise that is acceptable to both parties, instead of pushing one or the other person to change.

Try new things: Boredom in the bedroom is a common problem, and arises when couples stop trying new things out and exploring new aspects of their sexuality.There are a myriad of ways to spice up a flat love life, everything from massage oils and candles to more risque lingere or sex toys.Don't be afraid to try things out, and suggest new ideas to your partner.You may find that a change of location can do wonders for your love life.Try rearranging your bedroom, or putting pillows and hanging fabrics above the bed.A second honeymoon or weekend getaway may be just the ticket for recharging your batteries and rediscovering your sexuality.

Talk Openly: Sometimes, dissatisfaction in the bedroom is simply a result of dissatisfaction with some other part of the relationship.If you find your physical relationship suffering, the cause may lie elsewhere, and the only way to find out the problem is to talk openly.Instead of being silent about dissatisfaction, or bringing it up as a negative, which may put your partner on the defensive, simply begin to talk openly about feelings and try not to pass judgement if the other person gives their opinion.Once communication gets established, you may find the problem is not what you expected, and the sexual problems are only a side issue.

Take Your Time: Your love life should not be rushed into or rushed out of.Take your time when you begin to be intimate with your partner, spend more time on the small things that turn each other on.Foreplay shouldn't be seen as a way to get to the main act of love making, it should be enjoyed fully without thinking about the next step. This doesn't mean you can't mix things up however.Foreplay should not be boring either, it should emphasize different parts of the body without getting repetitive.A little creativity goes a long way.

Have Fun: Sexuality should be a positive aspect of a relationship, a time when a couple can enjoy themselves and relax, while letting their bodies interact physically.Explore different parts of your partner's body, and be playful with each other in the bedroom. Often, a playful and fun approach to sex can make for a whole new experience.Experiment with a blindfold or feather tickler, or try dressing up in different sexy costumes.Also, being open with fantasies or interests can be the first step towards making a change in the bedroom, as long as both people keep an open mind about things.Don't be afraid to try new things, but also don't hestitate to set your own boundaries.Sex should be fun and exciting!

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