Improve Your Supervisor Skills

Improve your supervisor skills! A new supervisor must learn to observe, work with a mentor, take notes, think through scenerios and take care of yourself in order to succeed.

The ramifications of being promoted to supervisor is shocking. Your lifelong friends are now your subordinates. Suddenly you realize that "budget" is not really just an excuse to deny requests.

The first day that you're in your new office is most important.

#1. Observe. Now is not the time to say things that you will regret at a later date. Your perspective is going to change as you review your budget and begin to understand the dynamics of interoffice relations.

#2. Take notes. Begin your organizational habits from day one. Buy a yellow legal notepad and begin to make lists of things that are vital to remember. Make a list of equipment that you will need. Make a list of questions that you will need answers to. There will be an overwhelming avalanche of information that you will be responsible for and the fact is that most of us cannot remember every little detail. If you don't write it down, it will be forgotten.

#3. Find a mentor. With a little luck, you can find a mentor that is not in your own chain of command. This will allow you to confide some details and situations that should not land on your own supervisors desk. #4. Think through scenarios. Constantly ask yourself how situations should be handled. If you can decide on a proper course of action prior to actually confronting the problem, it increases the odds of you performing as a respected supervisor.

#5. Leave work at work. A strong work ethic is vital to your success but you must realize that if your not sleeping and taking care of yourself, you will become sick. A sick supervisor is not an effective supervisor. Allow yourself time to relax and refuel your reserves.

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