Improving Your Property's Appearance

You can improve your property's appearance by taking care of your outdoor chores early in spring for a head start on enjoying the warm weather later, guilt-free.

In nice weather, everyone enjoys being outside. It is time to bring out the grill and get the outside of the house looking good. After a long winter, a day spent working under the sun can feel great. There are many things to do to get home and yard ready for summer. Following a long, rough winter, you will have plenty of outside repair work.

Start with the driveway. You will more than likely see a few cracks starting to show. The best thing to do is repair them before they expand. If you go to the hardware or home improvement center, you can purchase crack filler already prepared. If you are not sure what to buy or how to apply the filler, ask anyone who works there. It is easy to use, and the only work you have to do is wash down your driveway and clean out the cracks.

Hook up your garden hose and turn the outside water back on. Make sure you wait long enough into the season to be sure the temperature doesn't drop below 40 degrees. Another job you can do is clean and wash off the porches. Remove trash or leaves and other things left from last year lying there, including patches of dried mud or storm debris. You also can bring out the screens and start cleaning and repairing them for use. Then wash the storm windows before storing them for the summer.

If you have a picket fence or other property barrier, you might want to use a wire brush and do a little sanding before you paint it. A freshly painted fence always dresses up the yard. Don't forget about cleaning out the gutters and drain pipes. You should always do this every spring and every fall. It is a good idea to check and make sure that the gutters are not loose or hanging. If you don't have proper drainage, you can end up with a leaky basement. Check and clean all down spouts. The same goes for your garage roof.

Now is a good time to get rid of any weeds that are growing between the sidewalk cracks. You can use an edger or spray with vinegar to stop them from growing. If your grass has thin spots in it or patches of just dirt where the grass has died or gotten pulled out somehow, buy grass seed and then some straw to throw on top of it so birds don't eat the seed. This will help your yard to have thick, green grass. For about a week you should water the new seed to help it to grow. The best time to water your grass is in the evening so it won't get killed when the sun is beating down. Then you should buy weed killer and fertilizer to put on the lawn. This will kill your weeds and make the lawn look thicker and greener in about a week or two.

Taking time early in the spring to care for your property will provide a fresh, clean look to your home's exterior all summer. But tools and supplies early, and take care of this work promptly so you can enjoy leisure activities like golf or swimming on the warm-weather weekends.

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