Imran Khan: A Brief Biography

A brief biography of Imran Khan that highlights the background, education, career, family life and life after cricket of Pakistans greatest all time cricketer.

Born: 25 November 1952, Lahore, Pakistan

Major Teams Imran played for: Pakistan, New South Wales, Sussex, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Oxford University, Worcestershire, Dawood Hercules, Lahore City Cricket Association.

Known As: Imran Khan

Batting Style: Right Hand Batsman

Bowling Style: Right Arm Fast Bowler

Test Debut: Pakistan v England at Birmingham,1st

Test match played, 1971 season

Last Test played: Pakistan v Sri Lanka at

Faisalabad, 3rd Test match, 1991/92 season.

One Day International Debut: Pakistan v England

at Nottingham, The Prudential Trophy in 1974

Last ODI: Pakistan v Englang at Melbourne,Cricket

World Cup Final, in 1991/92

Wisden Cricketer of the Year: 1983

Played for New South Wales: 1984-85

Imran Khan was the first and only Pakistan Captain to win a World Cup Final.


Born Imran Khan Niazi into a proud pathan family of landowners. Best know internationally as Imran Khan also known as the Lion of Lahore, he is probably the finest cricketer to come from Pakistan. An outstanding all rounder, he became a national hero when he captained the Pakistan Cricket team to victory and brought back the World Cup in the 1991/92 Cricket World Cup which took place in Australia.

Part of a family that produced many cricketers from his maternal side, amongst which is Majid Khan who was also a Pakistan Captain as well as Javed Burqi.

Imran grew up in Lahore and was educated at Aitchison College in Lahore. His parents placed great emphasis on education and ensured that Imran received the best. He attended the Royal Grammar School in Worcester and then went on to Keble College, Oxford.

He captained the Oxford University Cricket Team and played for Worchester and then Sussex. He captained Pakistan from 1982 till 1988, when he decided to quit cricket while he was still at the top of his career.

When the then President General Zia Ul Haq appealed to Imran to rejoin the team as they needed his expertise and leadership. Imran returned to the Cricketing World and finally left cricket after bringing back the only ever World Cup trophy to Pakistan in 1992.

Imran Khan was the world's most charismatic cricketer, a heart throb to many drooling female fans, that were more enthralled with his stunning good looks and physique than his cricketing abilities. He received many proposals of marriage and had numerous affairs with many socialites all over the world.

Being a very religious man, many expected him to marry a lady of his own faith but he surprised the world when in 1995 at the age of 43, this charasmatic bachelor who always managed to escape marraige, married millionaire James Goldsmiths daughter Jemima in a Muslim ceremony on May 16 1995 in Paris, France, then in a civil ceremony in Richmond, on June 21st of the same year.

Jemima converted to the Islamic faith and was named Haiqa Khan. She was a good, close friend of the late Lady Diana Spencer. Jemima gave birth to a baby boy, named Suleiman Issa, on 18 November 1996 in London.

Imran Khan has been implicated in a peternity suit by former Girlfriend Sita White, however Imran denies being the father of a girl named Tyrian Jade. A Los Angeles court has however ruled by default, that Imran is the father.

Imran and Jemima have a second baby son, born on 10th April 1999, in London, England. They have named him Qassim.

Since giving up cricket Imran has devoted his time to raising funds for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer clinic in memory of his late mother, who lost her battle against cancer. He Imran has realised his dream and the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Clinic is a one of its kind cancer clinic in Pakistan.

Currently Imran is pursuing a political career, He campaigns under the party name 'Tehrik - E - Insaaf'. Many believe he would have won the last elections, but the conservative Pakistani people felt that he had betrayed them by marrying a non muslim and the fact that she was a Jewish lady, was a plot by the Americans to get Pakistan under American power. Imran is still devoting his time and energy to politics and his popularity has once again grown in part due to the success of his marraige as well as the fact that he has the Pakistani peoples best interests at heart.

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