What Is Included In The Full Servicing Of A Windmill?

What is included in the full servicing of a windmill? Learn what is included in the process of digging and building and servicing a windmill. The wind has been one of the most cost effective ways to harness...

The wind has been one of the most cost effective ways to harness power for several hundred years. Men of the sea were the very first to use the wind as a source of power when they hung large sails on their ships to zip across seas and oceans.

But as times changed, so did the means of using the wind for power. It is said that as far back as Persia in the fifth century AD the windmill was being used. Other experts and historians have the windmill first sprouting its blades in the early 18th century. No matter when the actual date or time was, the windmill has been a valuable source of power for a very long time.

Just as with anything that provides a service, it's probably safe to say that there will be some sort of expenses that follow along. For windmills, however, the upkeep and maintenance can be very simple and affordable.

Since 1976, Russ of Russ' Windmill Service has been servicing windmills all across the United States. His duties include dismantling, rebuilding, re-assembling, and installing wheels ranging in diameter from 6 feet to 16 feet. During the 1980's, he traveled from Wisconsin to Arizona, buying, selling and trading with ranchers across the great Midwest and South.

While he has worked on Dempster, Monitor, Flint & Walling, Challenge, Wood Mansey, Fairbury, and Eclipse windmills in the past, today he specializes in the 702 Aermotor, which he considers to be the "Cadillac" of all windmills. Russ says that the process of installing the windmill will take care of most of the maintenance and upkeep for the consumer.

"We do most of the work from top to bottom when we dig the water well," he says. "We do not drill the well itself, but we dig to the water well. Once we get there, we install the equipment in the well, the stand mills, submersibles, pressure tanks, and filtering systems. Basically, that's everything you need for getting water out of the ground into your home. It will take a long time to fill, but it is just free wind and once its initially started up there is not much cost to it."

As a matter of fact, some experts believe that a windmill could be properly maintained for as little as $200 a year. The biggest problems or areas that normally cause consumers difficulty in the area of upkeep have been reduced.

One way to reduce the work is by purchasing a Poly-Rod Bore-Hole System. According to the companies that sale this item, the Poly-Rod Bore-Hole System reduces the amount of below ground work that comes with windmill upkeep.

Other ways to reduce the maintenance on a windmill is by purchasing a maintenance-free windmill. One type of windmill that boasts to be maintenance-free is the airlift water pumping windmill.

According to the designers, the airlift water pumping windmill is designed without the use of leathers or plunger type assemblies. Without these items, the windmill is capable of working without moving parts down in the well. The working parts down inside the well are the ones that have to be replaced year after year. By removing those parts, the airlift water pumping windmill can be maintenance free.

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