Incorporate Indian Fashion Into Your Wardrobe

Jazz up your style by adding colorful traditional Indian clothing and accessories to your wardrobe.

With its beautiful magentas, bright golden yellows and sapphire blues, Indian fashions can be a delightful addition to any woman's wardrobe. How many of these fashions you decide to add to your ensembles will be based on your own sense of style. Daring individuals may enjoy going out wearing a long shalwar kameez or even a sari, while more conservative types might enjoy embellishing a suit with a stunning embroidered scarf.

Shalwar Kameez Suits

Indian design features many light and airy clothes, which are very suitable for the climate in India. As a result, you can obtain a look that is both exotic and casual at the same time by donning the top outer portion of a shalwar kameez, a tradition Indian outfit that generally consists of three pieces and is loosely fitting so that the air will circulate around the body. Shalwar refers to the trouser part of the outfit, while kameez refers to the top. Although traditional, the shalwar kameez has kept up with other fashion trends, and can be found in the season's hippest colors. You may want to go ahead and wear the entire outfit. If you live in a hot climate, it will blend right in without looking out of place. One advantage to wearing a shalwar kameez is that it will work for any body type. Its design is slenderizing, and depending on where the embroidery is placed, some parts of the body can be enhanced, while others are downplayed.

The shalwar kameez also comes in a variety of styles, including sets with short tops, and others with long flowing ones. The tops may feature cutwork, have triangular hems or even a poncho design. Some of the shalwar kameezes have tops that are so long that the silk ones can make a nice short-length dress. Typically, a very short top is worn under the looser tops. This is often necessary, as the kameez portion of the outfit can be very gauzy or have so much cutwork that this is necessary for modesty's sake.

There are so many varieties of shalwar kameezes that you can certainly find one that suits your taste, whether it is to wear on its own with the tapered pajama-like pants, or to wear as a dress or a top over a pair of jeans. The handiwork on this type of clothing is often outstanding, and will be an attractive addition to your wardrobe.


Try on some khosa's for size. These beautiful traditional shoes come in every imaginable color, and can be delightfully comfortable. While some are plain, many are elaborately embellished with beadwork and sequins. Pazeb-style sandals are extraordinarily elegant, and feature heels and several straps, which are often decorated with rhinestones. These shoes are an excellent choice for special occasions, especially when you want to be in the spotlight!


A dupatta is a beautiful long scarf that was traditionally worn over the head, but which is now more frequently worn draped over the shoulders or arms. Of course, as with any fashion, you can give it your own unique spin. Many of the dupattas have beautiful embroidery or beadwork, and are sheer pieces of elegance. A dupatta is the perfect way to jazz up that well-fitting yet slightly dull little black dress that is a staple of your wardrobe. You may also want to try wrapping one around your hips and tying it.

Bangles are a traditional jewelry staple in India, and as we have seen in recent months, here in the United States as well. They are easily found, either from traditional Indian outlets, or in stores in the mall. Add them to an otherwise plain outfit and add a dupatta, and you will have an exotic look. Ankle bracelets, toe rings and various Indian-styled necklaces will also amp up your style.

Try wearing a simple tee shirt and a pair of jeans, and carry an Indian bag made of embroidered and mirrored fabric. You will make a fashion statement without ever getting dressed up. Add some khosas, and you will have the entire look going on without ever losing your casual style.

Add some elements of Indian fashion to your wardrobe and you will radiate an international flair, regardless of the outfit you are wearing. Indian fashion is truly one of the most beautiful fashions around, exuding elegance. Wrap this flair around you, and go out on the town!

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