Increasing Your Brain Power

Tips to using more brain energy and increasing your memory for work, school and home.

We forget information for several reasons; because we don't use the information learned, we confuse it with other information, we decide the information does not match what we already believe, or we never really learned the information in the first place. In order to help increase your memory and maximize your brain power, follow these important key tips:

1. Memorize from General to the Specific. Study the big picture, then learn the details. This is similar to writing an outline where you note the general subject than list the details under it. It is a much more effective process of learning.

2. Pay attention and consciously choose to remember the information needed to commit to memory. Tell yourself, "I must remember this!" Before studying or reading the material or instructions.

3. Visualize or picture in your mind what you wish to remember. It is easier to remember images or key words imprinted in your mind, than to try and bring back general, nonspecific lengthy texts or sequence of events. Visualize an outline or steps taken to accomplish your task and commit that to memory, instead.

4. Make associations between the new ideas and information you wish to remember and information, ideas, persons, things, etc. that you already know. In other words, understand the concepts and make connections that relate to each other.

5. Over-learn by repeating information. Seven is the magic number. Repeat difficult information seven times a day for seven days. When reading material, highlight headings, outlines, pertinent words or phrases and review continually. Spend only ten minutes of your time reviewing and studying. Remember, that the brain absorbs only 20% of what it takes in at one time. So the shorter the study period, the more the brain will retain.

6. Take the time to learn the material and commit it to memory. Cramming doesn't work. It only commits the information to your short-term memory and you will forget what you never really learned in the first place.

7. Write it down! Then, even if you forget it, you'll be able to learn it again. Keep a pocket-sized calendar or notebook handy for making notes and jotting down thoughts you have during the day. Keep a note pad and pencil by your bed. Some of our greatest ideas come to us in the middle of the night, or as we're dropping off to sleep. Studies have shown that you remember more if you study right before you to to sleep. For some people it is in the afternoon, instead of the morning. But anytime can be the best tim to learn as your brain is always taking in new information.

8. Read aloud the material you want to remember. You can improve your learning and memory by as much as 40 percent by using this simple technique.

9. Use different methods of memorizing things. You may want to try one method for memorizing math concepts, and another for memorizing language arts, such as poems, or the constitution.

10. The best approach to improving your memory, and maximizing your brain power is to USE YOUR MEMORY AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE! THE MORE YOU USE IT, THE BETTER IT WILL GET!

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