Indian Hair Styles for Ladies

Traditions It's common for Indian women to decorate their heads with flowers, especially jasmine. For formal occasions, many Indian women include sequins or beads in their hairstyles to match their garments. Hair pins, diamante clips and hair sticks may be used. When deciding on the right Indian hairstyle, keep in mind the shape of your face. An oval face can carry any Indian hairstyle. The goal of many Indian stylists is to give the illusion, through hairstyle, that your face is the perfect oval shape. Instead of the traditional center part, for example, you may look better with your hair parted off to the side. This change also modernizes a traditional look. Indian Braid Braids are a good way to keep long hair from getting dirty or tangled. In India, school-aged girls who have hair longer than their shoulders must tie it in a braid. A braid can be done in several different ways such as a regular braid, a French braid or a fishtail. Part hair down the middle and braid it into two neat braids going down your back for a traditional look. In earlier times, two braids meant that a girl was unmarried and a single braid meant she was married. Indian girls accessorize braids with ribbons, rubber bands or clips, and many Indian women adorn the entire plait with flowers. Indian Buns Styling hair in a delicate bun that is decorated with beads or flowers is a traditional look among Indian women. Buns work best on Indian women with long, coarse hair and are worn at formal events and parties as well as office meetings or informal gatherings. Indian women traditionally wear buns high on their heads, with the traditional cloth head covering attached to it. You can experiment by tying them lower, however. Many Indian brides wear a traditional large bun surrounded by a braid and adorned with pearls or clips.

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