Indoor Games For Kids

Here is a list of twenty-five fun indoor activities, and games to do with your kids.

Your kids are bored. Maybe it's a rainy day outside. Or it's just a long hot summer. You need some indoor activities for you and your kids. Here's a list of twenty-five thing to do that will put fun back into your day.

1. Build the tallest card tower you can.

2. Get out all the stuffed animals and turn you living room into a zoo, complete with admission tickets and treats.

3. Make the neatest dominoes track and let the littlest child push the first domino to see it all fall down.

4. Write a newsletter about what you families doing and send it to all your relatives.

5. Learn some silly songs together.

6. Read to them.

7. Put on a play and video tape it.

8. Spend a day cooking dainty treats and several kinds of tea. Invite the neighbors in for a formal tea party.

9. Build a Barbie mall with your daughters.

10. Build a car town with your sons.

11. Ask each of them to tell something about themselves that nobody else knows.

12. Get colored pencils or crayons sit at a table and put up dividers so you can't see each other's papers. Go around in a circle, each person says to draw one thing, like a tree. Everyone draws that thing and then next person says what to draw. After ten or so things compare pictures and see how different they look.

13. Have a picnic in the living room.

14. Look through, and organize your picture albums.

15. Make paper boats, airplanes and trains.

16. Sail the boats in the bathtub.

17. Put on swimsuits and go swimming in the tub.

18. Build a town out of popsicle sticks.

19. Make an obstacle course out of couch cushions, blankets and pillows. Time each other to see who is the fastest.

20. Make up a new game.

21. The one we did is a spelling game. The first person says a letter and the next adds another letter that will spell a word, they have to have a word in mind because if someone challenges them and they don't know one they get a point. Whoever says the very last letter of the word gets a point. Whoever reaches five points first is out.

22. Make a magazine collage.

23. Tell a story with each person adding one sentence, see where it will lead.

24. Rip up different colors of construction paper into little pieces then glue them on a white piece of paper to form a picture.

25. Get an assortment of little things, like paperclips, toilet paper tubes, napkins etc., make something unique and crazy with them.

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