Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas

The best Halloween costume doesn't have to have a big price tag. Check out these ideas on how to make creative and inexpensive Halloween costumes.

With Halloween fast approaching, thoughts turn to jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and monsters. Of course, all little ghouls and boys are also meticulously selecting disguises to hide behind as they parade through the neighborhood, chanting the traditional taunt of "trick or treat". Parents scramble through aisles of costumes to grab the latest and greatest representation of pop culture, before the store runs out. But what they often find is that the result at the checkout is scarier than the mask.

Don't get spooked by expensive Halloween costumes""eliminate the fright and make them yourself. The best costume isn't always the most expensive. In fact, homemade versions are usually more creative. And, they don't need to set you back financially. Check out the following suggestions for designing innovative Halloween costumes on a budget and see how easy it is to make your own winning disguises.

Creativity begins at home.

Search your home for unusual items. Grandma's attic can prove to be a valuable source of hats, capes, clothing or accessories that can be adapted to your little ones' costumes. Even odds and ends can be magically transformed into wearable attire. For example, a long strand of beads becomes a jeweled crown, or belt a man's oversized shirt to create pirate's garb. Make a hat with animals' ears from pantyhose that have been marred by runs. Cut off the legs, leaving a short stub and tie a knot at each end. Insert wire or stuffing to shape into ears. Old mittens make perfect animal paws and a stuffed sock is just the thing for a tail.

Get extra mileage.

When costuming little ones, opt for costumes that double as clothing items. For instance, a teddy bear bunting, complete with ears, makes an adorable baby costume, and junior can continue to wear Superman pajamas long after Halloween is over. The leotard, tights and tutu worn to dance class can transform any little girl into a ballerina or princess for Halloween night.

Be a savvy shopper.

Look for sales and scour discount outlets, card shops, craft and hobby stores for low cost materials. Even the local supermarket occasionally has small trinkets at clearance prices. Check fabric stores for inexpensive remnants, ribbons, lace, appliques and buttons. Shop the day after Halloween and save fifty percent or more on all sorts of bewitching items.

Reuse and Recycle

Common household materials can provide the finishing touch. Cover poster board with aluminum foil to create a knight's shield, cover a small box with colorful gift wrap to make Little Red Riding Hood's basket, adding pipe cleaners for the handle, and glue cotton balls on a leotard for an instant little lamb. Roll shirt cardboard into a cone and staple, then add black paint and silver stars for an inexpensive wizard's hat. Neck and armholes cut out of large trash bags or bed sheets provide a basis for a variety of outfits, from Jack-o-lanterns to cue balls. Just decorate and add newspaper or a couple of pillows for stuffing. Costume jewelry, leftover buttons, sequins and glitter add sparkle when trimming an outfit. Save empty soda cans, candy wrappers or dry out used tea bags and hang them from clothing for an unusual twist.

Get busy and get ready for October 31st! All that's needed is some time, patience, resourcefulness and a little imagination to create innovative Halloween costumes without breaking your budget.

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